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6754 hiphp

hiphp - free & open source project for create a BackDoor to control PHP-based sites.

https://yasserbdj96.github.io/hiphp Apache-2.0 Boudjada Yasser 93% Badge level for project 6754 is 93%
6755 rapidbus

MODBUS RTU to MQTT bridge written in C

https://github.com/rapidbus/rapidbus Marcel Hecko 10% Badge level for project 6755 is 10%
6756 messageml-utils

MessageML is a markup language used by the Symphony Agent API for representing messages, including formatting (bold, italic, numbered and unnumbered lists...

https://docs.developers.symphony.com Apache-2.0 justinesymphony 84% Badge level for project 6756 is 84%
6757 ThreatMapper

Open source cloud native security observability platform. Linux, K8s, AWS Fargate and more.

https://github.com/deepfence/ThreatMapper Apache-2.0 Harshvardhan Karn 19% Badge level for project 6757 is 19%
6758 hazelcast

Open-source distributed computation and storage platform

https://www.hazelcast.com Apache-2.0 Değer 78% Badge level for project 6758 is 78%
6759 coinbase-wallet-sdk https://github.com/ljones43/coinbase-wallet-sdk OTHER ljones43 13% Badge level for project 6759 is 13%
6760 imondaway https://github.com/ljones43/imondaway MIT ljones43 15% Badge level for project 6760 is 15%
6761 projects Ashtakun 3% Badge level for project 6761 is 3%
6762 tnz

Tn3270 to Z Python library

https://github.com/IBM/tnz Apache-2.0 Neil Johnson 48% Badge level for project 6762 is 48%
6763 step-ca-cgo

step-ca container with cgo enabled

https://github.com/shift/step-ca-cgo Apache-2.0 Vincent Palmer 15% Badge level for project 6763 is 15%
6764 LockFactoryServer

A lock / semaphore / countdownlach server with various interfaces

https://github.com/oscar-besga-panel/LockFactoryServer MIT Oscar Besga Arcauz 15% Badge level for project 6764 is 15%
6765 mimeinfo-core https://github.com/asperan/mimeinfo-core MPL-2.0 Alex Speranza 15% Badge level for project 6765 is 15%
6766 mimeinfo-gradle-plugin

Gradle plugin to install new MIME types in a supported system.

https://github.com/asperan/mimeinfo-gradle-plugin MPL-2.0 Alex Speranza 15% Badge level for project 6766 is 15%
6767 dunefacilities https://github.com/Shubhamjpg/dunefacilities Shubhamjpg 10% Badge level for project 6767 is 10%
6768 DuMux

DuMux is

  • short for "Dune for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, …} flow and transport in porous media"
  • a free and open-source simulator for...
https://dumux.org GPL-3.0-or-later Bernd Flemisch 96% Badge level for project 6768 is 96%
6769 dominance-analysis

This package can be used for dominance analysis or Shapley Value Regression for finding relative importance of predictors on given dataset. This library can...

https://pypi.org/project/dominance-analysis MIT Shashank Shekhar 88% Badge level for project 6769 is 88%
6770 CloudEvents

CloudEvents is a specification for describing event data in common formats to provide interoperability across services, platforms and systems.

https://cloudevents.io Apache-2.0 Doug Davis 2022-12-08 17:02:04 105% Badge level for project 6770 is 105%
6771 regular-table

A regular library, for async and virtual data models.

https://github.com/jpmorganchase/regular-table Apache-2.0 Tim Paine 2022-12-08 18:05:30 105% Badge level for project 6771 is 105%
6772 CNTT


https://github.com/rannyh/CNTT Ranny Haiby 10% Badge level for project 6772 is 10%
6773 agile-service-manager-gis-map-plugin

This sample plugin allows users of IBM Agile Service Manager to add geographical (GIS) map support to their topology views.

https://github.com/IBM/agile-service-manager-gis-map-plugin Apache-2.0 Kilian Collender 67% Badge level for project 6773 is 67%
6806 guard https://guard.reza-esfahani.tk Reza Esfahani 3% Badge level for project 6806 is 3%
6807 tier https://tier.app Reza Esfahani 3% Badge level for project 6807 is 3%
6808 Node-logger-sample https://github.com/reza-t/Node-logger-sample Reza Esfahani 10% Badge level for project 6808 is 10%
6809 scala-frp-gui

Example of a simple game using FRP & cross platform

https://github.com/AnnaVitali/scala-frp-gui Anna Vitali 13% Badge level for project 6809 is 13%
6810 PPS-22-smartgh https://annavitali.github.io/PPS-22-smartgh Anna Vitali 18% Badge level for project 6810 is 18%
6812 StormRuler

A very high order FVM framework

https://github.com/Jhuighuy/StormRuler MIT Oleg Butakov 91% Badge level for project 6812 is 91%
6813 Load available actions

Load all actions stored in the current organization

https://github.com/devops-actions/load-available-actions MIT Rob Bos 93% Badge level for project 6813 is 93%
6814 v3-sdk

🛠 An SDK for building applications on top of Uniswap V3

https://github.com/St0nersdash/v3-sdk MIT stonersdash 15% Badge level for project 6814 is 15%
6815 secure-python-package-template

Template for a Python package with a secure project host and package repository configuration.

https://sethmlarson.dev/blog/security-for-package-maintainers UNLICENSE Seth Michael Larson 15% Badge level for project 6815 is 15%
6816 micro-migration

Migration Lib for MicroStream

https://github.com/xdev-software/micro-migration Apache-2.0 Johannes Rabauer 2022-12-19 13:25:45 109% Badge level for project 6816 is 109%

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