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1124 Java sample for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography https://github.com/adioss/cryptoMemo Apache-2.0 adrien pailhes 18% Badge level for project 1124 is 18%
1125 DnsChanger https://github.com/junyongk/DnsChanger - 10% Badge level for project 1125 is 10%
1126 teamschwed https://github.com/DrFelder/teamschwed Thomas Pötzsch 3% Badge level for project 1126 is 3%
1127 lest

A modern, C++11-native, single-file header-only, tiny framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD (includes C++98 variant)

https://github.com/martinmoene/lest BSL-1.0 Martin Moene 75% Badge level for project 1127 is 75%
1128 ruamel.yaml

ruamel.yaml is a YAML 1.2 loader/dumper package for Python.

It supports roundtrip preservation of comments, flow-style and mapping key order.

https://yaml.readthedocs.io MIT Anthon 2017-07-18 17:01:35 127% Badge level for project 1128 is 127%
1129 peregrino https://github.com/arksega/peregrino Apache-2.0 Sergio Gutierrez Alvarez 15% Badge level for project 1129 is 15%
1131 money

Ruby gem to perform currency conversion and arithmetics with different currencies

https://github.com/yuri-val/money MIT Yuri V 18% Badge level for project 1131 is 18%
1132 all-purpose-identificator

A tiny identificator for playing "find what i'm thinking of" or identifies trees, mushroms, etc.

https://github.com/esauvage/all-purpose-identificator GPL-2.0+ - 13% Badge level for project 1132 is 13%
1133 Symfony KronhyxSessionBundle https://github.com/Kronhyx/SessionBundle OTHER Randy Tellez Galán 12% Badge level for project 1133 is 12%
1134 Multi-backend and extensible packaging toolkit. https://aosc.io GPL-2.0 - 15% Badge level for project 1134 is 15%
1138 pwma https://github.com/hampustagerud/pwma Hampus Tågerud 13% Badge level for project 1138 is 13%
1139 Hapi Boilerplate

Boilerplate project based on Hapi.

https://github.com/vitorsalgado/hapi-boilerplate Apache-2.0 Vitor Hugo Salgado 52% Badge level for project 1139 is 52%
1141 celeryproject https://www.celeryproject.com Omer Katz 3% Badge level for project 1141 is 3%
1142 k8s-wait-for

A simple script that allows to wait for a k8s service, job or pods to enter desired state

https://github.com/groundnuty/k8s-wait-for MIT Michal Orzechowski 18% Badge level for project 1142 is 18%
1143 Extra standard functions. https://github.com/gribouille/elm-prelude MIT Gribouille 15% Badge level for project 1143 is 15%
1144 Wulkanowy

Androidowy klient dziennika VULCAN UONET+.

https://wulkanowy.github.io Apache-2.0 Mikołaj Pich 28% Badge level for project 1144 is 28%
1145 TheHoneydew

Created for "Audit and Control Department of Tomsk region"

https://kru.keva.su MIT Igor Polyakov 19% Badge level for project 1145 is 19%
1146 An unofficial plugin API for Discord. https://github.com/DiscordForge/DiscordForge GPL-3.0 Lewis Crichton 15% Badge level for project 1146 is 15%
1147 Corporate-Consumer-Contact-API-Documentation https://github.com/imhomos1984/Corporate-Consumer-Contact-API-Documentation Darrall.Joseph Lee 10% Badge level for project 1147 is 10%
1148 :clock3: Run periodic tasks in Crystal https://hugoabonizio.github.io/schedule.cr/Schedule.html MIT Hugo Abonizio 16% Badge level for project 1148 is 16%
1150 epuap-watchdog http://github.com/ad-m/epuap-watchdog Adam Dobrawy 1% Badge level for project 1150 is 1%
1151 HTML to PDF converter via Chrome/Chromium https://github.com/westy92/html-pdf-chrome MIT Seth Westphal 15% Badge level for project 1151 is 15%
1152 see

dir for humans. A library for Python 2 and 3.

https://araile.github.io/see BSD-3-Clause Liam Cooke 64% Badge level for project 1152 is 64%
1154 Image processing tools https://github.com/oguyon/Cfits GPL-3.0 Olivier Guyon 79% Badge level for project 1154 is 79%
1156 Adaptive Optics Control Computation Engine (AOCCE)

Adaptive Optics Wavefront control tools for high contrast imaging Uses shared memory for fast low-latency communication to hardware Includes a simulator of...

https://github.com/oguyon/AdaptiveOpticsControl GPL-3.0 Olivier Guyon 76% Badge level for project 1156 is 76%
1157 PCMSolver

An API for the polarizable continuum model electrostatic problem

https://pcmsolver.readthedocs.io LGPL-3.0 Roberto Di Remigio 28% Badge level for project 1157 is 28%
1160 nas2d-core

NAS2D is an open source, object oriented 2D game development framework written in portable C++.

http://nas2d.lairworks.com Zlib Leeor Dicker 18% Badge level for project 1160 is 18%
1161 TwoSwordStyle mod https://github.com/bbc-mc/TwoSwordStyle bbc_mc 10% Badge level for project 1161 is 10%
1162 Slicer

Multi-platform, free open source software for visualization and image computing.

http://www.slicer.org OTHER Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin 88% Badge level for project 1162 is 88%
1163 dcmqi

dcmqi (DICOM for Quantitative Imaging) is a free, open source library that implements conversion of the data stored in commonly used research formats into...

https://qiicr.gitbooks.io/dcmqi-guide BSD-3-Clause Andrey Fedorov 31% Badge level for project 1163 is 31%

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