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5846 Cloud Service Management - Cloud Native Way - Tutoria

Manage configuration and credentials for back-end services while protecting sensitive data

https://github.com/IBM/cloud-service-management-tutorial Apache-2.0 Hafid Haddouti 2022-03-29 19:07:38 113% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5846 ist 113%

API's to manipulate JSON data modeled after the IBM json4j library API's including key-sorted serialization

https://github.com/wnm3/API4JSON LGPL-2.1-or-later Nathaniel Mills 24% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5847 ist 24%
5848 WhitelistMasker

REST Service and command line utility for masking text content based on words identified in a whitelist. Optionally, regular expression templates may be...

https://github.com/IBM/WhitelistMasker Apache-2.0 Nathaniel Mills 85% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5848 ist 85%
5849 SalesEnablement-L3-Guidance

Guidance for creating Sales Enablement L3 Learning Plan and content

https://github.com/IBM/SalesEnablement-L3-Guidance Apache-2.0 andrewj2000 2022-03-29 20:00:31 115% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5849 ist 115%
5850 microservices-miner

A mining tool for collecting microservices data from Github repositories. This tool has been implemented for collecting metrics for a study described in the...

https://github.com/IBM/microservices-miner Leonardo P. Tizzei 61% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5850 ist 61%
5851 perlport

Port of perl to z/OS

https://github.com/ZOSOpenTools/perlport/blob/main Apache-2.0 Mike Fulton 2022-03-30 00:54:07 111% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5851 ist 111%
5852 acmeair-quarkus

This is a Quarkus version of AcmeAir, ported from its springboot version published in BLUEPERF (https://github.com/blueperf). This repository contains all...

https://github.com/IBM/acmeair-quarkus Apache-2.0 Kazunori Ogata 19% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5852 ist 19%
5853 sourmash

Quickly search, compare, and analyze genomic and metagenomic data sets.

http://sourmash.readthedocs.io/en/latest OTHER Luiz Irber 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5853 ist 16%
5854 zos-node-accessor

z/OS Node Accessor - A Node module to help Node.JS developers interacting with z/OS easily.

https://github.com/IBM/zos-node-accessor EPL-1.0 Qi Liang 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5854 ist 15%
5855 parseltongue https://github.com/yishaif/parseltongue Apache-2.0 Yishai Feldman 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5855 ist 15%
5856 aihwkit

IBM Analog Hardware Acceleration Kit

https://aihwkit.readthedocs.io Apache-2.0 Diego M. Rodríguez 2022-03-30 07:59:41 111% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5856 ist 111%
5857 Cardboard https://github.com/RobinsMediaTeam/Cardboard AGPL-3.0 Jeffrey Blinksma 34% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5857 ist 34%
5858 ibm-storage-odf-block-driver

ibm-storage-odf-block-driver provides the flashsystem specific driver to connect backend flashsystem storage, pulling ODF required data info to...

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-storage-odf-block-driver Apache-2.0 Bob Lau 18% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5858 ist 18%
5859 video-streaming-web-player-api

This is the public Web Player API for controlling embedded players created at video.ibm.com.

https://github.com/IBM/video-streaming-web-player-api Apache-2.0 Jung Dániel 90% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5859 ist 90%
5860 open-rangefeed

An application which simulates a stock chart and social media feed

https://github.com/IBM/open-rangefeed mdobbsatl 13% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5860 ist 13%
5861 aspera-cli

Command Line Interface for IBM Aspera products

https://github.com/IBM/aspera-cli Apache-2.0 Laurent Martin 96% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5861 ist 96%
5862 k8sprom-patch-controller

Apply kubernetes resource patches based on prometheus rule evaluation

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8sprom-patch-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 25% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5862 ist 25%
5863 lale

Library for Semi-Automated Data Science

https://github.com/IBM/lale Apache-2.0 kiran-kate 2022-04-08 13:07:44 109% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5863 ist 109%
5864 IBM block storage CSI driver

The IBM block storage CSI driver enables container orchestrators, such as Kubernetes and Openshift, to manage the life-cycle of persistent storage

https://github.com/IBM/ibm-block-csi-driver Apache-2.0 oriyarde 2022-04-05 15:48:52 115% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5864 ist 115%
5865 k8skafka-controller

Kubernetes Controller for managing kafka topics

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8skafka-controller Ivan Ivic 13% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5865 ist 13%
5866 s390x-abi

s390/s390x ABI specification

https://github.com/IBM/s390x-abi OTHER Andreas Arnez 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5866 ist 16%
5867 Dart SDK

The Dart SDK, including the VM, dart2js, core libraries, and more.

https://dart.dev BSD-3-Clause Alexander Thomas 49% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5867 ist 49%
5868 zoau

A repository for finding and sharing example IBM Z Open Automation Utilities (ZOAU) scripts and snippets.

https://www.ibm.com/docs/en/zoau Apache-2.0 Anthony Giorgio 82% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5868 ist 82%
5869 makeport https://github.com/ZOSOpenTools/makeport Apache-2.0 IgorTodorovskiIBM 15% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5869 ist 15%
5870 cFSP

The cloudFPGA Support Package (cFSP)

https://github.com/cloudFPGA/cFSP Apache-2.0 Dionysios Diamantopoulos 18% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5870 ist 18%
5871 Open Liberty

Open Liberty is a highly composable, fast to start, dynamic application server runtime environment

https://openliberty.io EPL-1.0 Alasdair Nottingham 88% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5871 ist 88%
5874 openapi-to-graphql

Translate APIs described by OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) into GraphQL

https://developer.ibm.com/open/projects/openapi-to-graphql MIT Alan Cha 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5874 ist 16%
5875 sev-snp-measure

Calculate AMD SEV-SNP measurement for confidential computing

https://github.com/IBM/sev-snp-measure Apache-2.0 Dov Murik 73% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5875 ist 73%
5876 ownca

Own Certificate Authority - ownca

http://ownca.readthedocs.io OTHER Kairo Araujo 16% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5876 ist 16%
5877 goca

Golang Certificate Authority (CA) package

https://github.com/kairoaraujo/goca MIT Kairo Araujo 19% Badge-Level für das Projekt 5877 ist 19%

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