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491 dash

C++ Template Library for Distributed Data Structures with Support for Hierarchical Locality for HPC and Data-Driven Science

https://github.com/dash-project/dash BSD-3-Clause Tobias Fuchs 2017-08-21 15:29:31 100% Badge level for project 491 is 100%
492 TvTracker-Backend

Backend for the future TvTracker app using Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Bluebird, Mocha, Chai and more

https://github.com/rafaelrpinto/TvTracker-Backend Rafael Pinto 9% Badge level for project 492 is 9%
493 grad https://github.com/djinafton/grad djinafton 9% Badge level for project 493 is 9%
494 trustable

We are aiming to identify|provoke|create viable processes|methods|tools for secure|high-integrity|safety-critical|deterministic software engineering

https://trustable.io CC0-1.0 Paul Sherwood 76% Badge level for project 494 is 76%
495 nodefony

Nodefony is Node.js full-stack web framework.

https://nodefony.net CECILL-B CAMENSULI Christophe 44% Badge level for project 495 is 44%
496 Trax

Trax is a lightweight inventory tracking application built using C#

https://github.com/ortliebp/Trax MIT David Crawford 17% Badge level for project 496 is 17%
497 magento-inventory-update

A simple Magento shell script to update products attributes such as quantity, availability and so on

https://github.com/faktiva/magento-inventory-update MIT Emiliano 'AlberT' Gabrielli 14% Badge level for project 497 is 14%
498 prestashop-seo-tk

Prestashop module. Handles a few SEO-related improvements, such as "hreflang", "canonical" and "noindex".

https://github.com/faktiva/prestashop-seo-tk Emiliano 'AlberT' Gabrielli 9% Badge level for project 498 is 9%
501 elevator-app https://github.com/ulwanski/elevator-app MIT Marek Ulwański 14% Badge level for project 501 is 14%
502 Config files (bash, vim..) https://github.com/bymathias/dotfiles MIT Mathias Brouilly 14% Badge level for project 502 is 14%
503 doctest

The lightest feature-rich C++98/C++11 single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD

https://github.com/onqtam/doctest MIT Viktor Kirilov 2017-04-12 12:00:12 100% Badge level for project 503 is 100%
507 the requirements tracking tool made for developers https://crates.io/crates/rst OTHER Garrett Berg 12% Badge level for project 507 is 12%
508 jd20r http://gitlab.j-boisson.fr/webdev/jd20r JBoisson 0% Badge level for project 508 is 0%
509 vivarium http://vivarium.j-boisson.fr JBoisson 0% Badge level for project 509 is 0%
510 A complete replacement for i3status -- written in Go https://github.com/rumpelsepp/i3gostatus MIT Stefan Tatschner 14% Badge level for project 510 is 14%
511 Yet Another Markdown Parser https://angrykoala.github.io/yamp GPL-3.0 Andrés 15% Badge level for project 511 is 15%
512 tsuru

Open source, extensible and Docker-based Platform as a Service (PaaS).

https://tsuru.io BSD-3-Clause Cezar Sá Espinola 17% Badge level for project 512 is 17%
513 Pet project for Laravel Framework learning https://github.com/nikosson/Spatz George Bordiugh 9% Badge level for project 513 is 9%
514 MyVirtualDirectory

Open Source LDAP Virtual Directory

https://github.com/TremoloSecurity/MyVirtualDirectory Apache-2.0 Marc Boorshtein 2016-11-24 02:41:10 100% Badge level for project 514 is 100%
516 case-insensitive-array

Class to store and access data in a case-insensitive fashion, while maintaining the integrity and functionality of a regular array.

https://github.com/Ayesh/case-insensitive-array MIT Ayesh Karunaratne 17% Badge level for project 516 is 17%
517 OpenUnison

Unified Identity Management

https://github.com/TremoloSecurity/OpenUnison Apache-2.0 Marc Boorshtein 2016-11-27 20:21:38 100% Badge level for project 517 is 100%
518 Easy-to-Use C++ Computer Vision Library

Easy-to-Use C++ Computer Vision Library.

http://do-cv.readthedocs.org MPL-2.0 David OK 24% Badge level for project 518 is 24%
519 heapsort_openmp

OpenMP example of heap sort algorithm(with performance comparison)

https://github.com/ToxikCoder/heapsort_openmp whyami 9% Badge level for project 519 is 9%
520 kalium

Java binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library with the awesomeness of libsodium

http://abstractj.github.com/kalium Apache-2.0 Bruno Oliveira 15% Badge level for project 520 is 15%
521 HGCircularSlider

A custom reusable circular slider control for iOS application.

https://github.com/HamzaGhazouani/HGCircularSlider MIT Hamza Ghazouani 15% Badge level for project 521 is 15%
522 RaynigonJavaLibrary http://rccnet.eu/index.php/downloads/download/4-java/2-ray-java-lib GPL-2.0 Simon 48% Badge level for project 522 is 48%
523 checkbleed

Java command-line utility for batch URL checking for Heartbleed vulnerability

https://github.com/berezovskyi/checkbleed Andrew Berezovskyi 12% Badge level for project 523 is 12%
524 nagios-plugins

Collection of modified and self written nagios/icinga/shinken plugins

https://github.com/samuelb/nagios-plugins Samuel Barabas 9% Badge level for project 524 is 9%
525 Bedwars Reloaded - The Minecraft Bedwars Plugin! https://bedwarsrel.github.io GPL-3.0 Sebastian Binder 59% Badge level for project 525 is 59%
526 composer-parallel-docker

Docker image for running Composer in parallel (https://github.com/hirak/prestissimo)

https://github.com/emirb/composer-parallel-docker GPL-3.0 Emir Beganović 14% Badge level for project 526 is 14%

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