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Id Name Description Website License Owner Last achieved at Tiered % Badge
6507 hello-java https://github.com/chihero/hello-java MIT Aaran Lee 15% Badge level for project 6507 is 15%
6510 cli

A CLI for interacting with Tekton!

https://github.com/tektoncd/cli Apache-2.0 朱聖黎 Zhu Sheng Li 46% Badge level for project 6510 is 46%
6511 pytest-httpserver

Http server for pytest to test http clients

https://github.com/csernazs/pytest-httpserver MIT Zsolt Cserna 25% Badge level for project 6511 is 25%
6512 EMCO https://gitlab.com/project-emco/core/emco-base Apache-2.0 Igor D.C. 78% Badge level for project 6512 is 78%
6513 go-cowsay

sample about supply chain

https://github.com/krol3/go-cowsay Apache-2.0 Carol Valencia 18% Badge level for project 6513 is 18%
6514 Helios Game Environment

Provides a Game-Client and Server-Environment for an 3D-Space-Simulation MMOG

https://github.com/heliosonline/helios-devel Apache-2.0 Lennart Molnar 45% Badge level for project 6514 is 45%
6515 insights-operator-utils

Utils function that are shared for insights-operator-* repositories

https://github.com/RedHatInsights/insights-operator-utils Apache-2.0 Pavel Tišnovský 19% Badge level for project 6515 is 19%
6517 cpp-design-patterns

Design patterns explained and implemented in C++

https://github.com/oneshepherdssheep/cpp-design-patterns MIT One Shepherd's sheep 16% Badge level for project 6517 is 16%
6518 fabedge https://github.com/FabEdge/fabedge FabEdge 3% Badge level for project 6518 is 3%
6519 docker-node-js-app https://github.com/saurabh221089/docker-node-js-app Saurabh Badhwar 10% Badge level for project 6519 is 10%
6520 PX4-Autopilot

PX4 Autopilot Software

https://px4.io BSD-3-Clause Ramon Roche 76% Badge level for project 6520 is 76%

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