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6736 kahu

Kahu is part of SODA Container Data Management(CDM). Kahu provides seamless backup/restore for Kubernetes resources and data

https://github.com/AmitRoushan/kahu Apache-2.0 Amit Roushan 39% Badge level for project 6736 is 39%
6737 perspective

A data visualization and analytics component, especially well-suited for large and/or streaming datasets.

https://perspective.finos.org Apache-2.0 Tim Paine 2022-11-29 04:16:00 107% Badge level for project 6737 is 107%
6738 epinio

Opinionated platform that runs on Kubernetes, that takes you from App to URL in one step.

https://epinio.io Apache-2.0 Andreas Kupries 48% Badge level for project 6738 is 48%
6739 EVerest

The primary goal of EVerest is to develop and maintain an open source software stack for EV charging infrastructure. EVerest is developed having modularity...

https://everest.github.io Apache-2.0 Pionix GmbH 2022-11-29 17:56:16 222% Badge level for project 6739 is 222%
6740 AzureApplicationRegistrationTool

Tool that makes it easy to create an azure application for RoboShadow Syncing

https://github.com/SUNEELKUMAR94120/AzureApplicationRegistrationTool SUNEELKUMAR94120 10% Badge level for project 6740 is 10%
6741 OpenMAMA

OpenMAMA is an open source project that provides a high performance middleware agnostic messaging API that interfaces with a variety of proprietary and open...

https://openmama.org LGPL-2.1 fquinner 2022-11-30 16:56:12 105% Badge level for project 6741 is 105%
6742 github-template

🚀 GitHub template to provide a pre-designed architecture for all types of open-source projects.

https://github.com/wr-projects/github-template MIT Gregoire Favreau 55% Badge level for project 6742 is 55%
6743 iudx-aaa-server

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) server for IUDX

https://github.com/datakaveri/iudx-aaa-server MIT Datakaveri 84% Badge level for project 6743 is 84%
6744 Zebra.com https://github.com/timscharfenort33/Zebra.com timscharfenort33 10% Badge level for project 6744 is 10%
6745 base-ml https://github.com/pydsgz/base-ml Apache-2.0 grmvvr 16% Badge level for project 6745 is 16%
6746 SymphonyElectron

A desktop client for the Symphony Collaboration Platform built using Electron

https://symphony.com Apache-2.0 Salah Benmoussati 2022-12-01 10:40:38 107% Badge level for project 6746 is 107%
6747 symphony-api-spec

Swagger definitions for Symphony LLC public REST API

https://github.com/finos/symphony-api-spec Apache-2.0 justinesymphony 70% Badge level for project 6747 is 70%
6748 ibm_zos_core

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content for IBM Z

https://ibm.github.io/z_ansible_collections_doc/index.html Rich Parker 15% Badge level for project 6748 is 15%
6749 pocketshorten

A minimal URL shortener in golang

https://github.com/clarkezone/pocketshorten Apache-2.0 James Clarke 18% Badge level for project 6749 is 18%
6750 bnd

Bnd/Bndtools. Tooling to build OSGi bundles including Eclipse, Maven, and Gradle plugins.

Apache-2.0 BJ Hargrave 40% Badge level for project 6750 is 40%
6751 CV https://github.com/branevukmirovic/CV Branko Vukmirović 10% Badge level for project 6751 is 10%
6753 Eventdisplay

A reconstruction and analysis pipeline for ground-based imaging atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes

https://github.com/Eventdisplay/Eventdisplay BSD-3-Clause Gernot Maier 82% Badge level for project 6753 is 82%
6754 hiphp

hiphp - free & open source project for create a BackDoor to control PHP-based sites.

https://yasserbdj96.github.io/hiphp Apache-2.0 Boudjada Yasser 93% Badge level for project 6754 is 93%
6755 rapidbus

MODBUS RTU to MQTT bridge written in C

https://github.com/rapidbus/rapidbus Marcel Hecko 10% Badge level for project 6755 is 10%
6756 messageml-utils

MessageML is a markup language used by the Symphony Agent API for representing messages, including formatting (bold, italic, numbered and unnumbered lists...

https://docs.developers.symphony.com Apache-2.0 justinesymphony 84% Badge level for project 6756 is 84%
6757 ThreatMapper

Open source cloud native security observability platform. Linux, K8s, AWS Fargate and more.

https://github.com/deepfence/ThreatMapper Apache-2.0 Harshvardhan Karn 19% Badge level for project 6757 is 19%
6758 hazelcast

Open-source distributed computation and storage platform

https://www.hazelcast.com Apache-2.0 Değer 78% Badge level for project 6758 is 78%
6759 coinbase-wallet-sdk https://github.com/ljones43/coinbase-wallet-sdk OTHER ljones43 13% Badge level for project 6759 is 13%
6760 imondaway https://github.com/ljones43/imondaway MIT ljones43 15% Badge level for project 6760 is 15%
6761 projects Ashtakun 3% Badge level for project 6761 is 3%
6762 tnz

Tn3270 to Z Python library

https://github.com/IBM/tnz Apache-2.0 Neil Johnson 48% Badge level for project 6762 is 48%
6763 step-ca-cgo

step-ca container with cgo enabled

https://github.com/shift/step-ca-cgo Apache-2.0 Vincent Palmer 15% Badge level for project 6763 is 15%
6764 LockFactoryServer

A lock / semaphore / countdownlach server with various interfaces

https://github.com/oscar-besga-panel/LockFactoryServer MIT Oscar Besga Arcauz 15% Badge level for project 6764 is 15%
6765 mimeinfo-core https://github.com/asperan/mimeinfo-core MPL-2.0 Alex Speranza 15% Badge level for project 6765 is 15%
6766 mimeinfo-gradle-plugin

Gradle plugin to install new MIME types in a supported system.

https://github.com/asperan/mimeinfo-gradle-plugin MPL-2.0 Alex Speranza 15% Badge level for project 6766 is 15%

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