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4215 newsetup

A script to help run some common tasks on a new machine. Tasks include setting up a machine hostname and generating an ssh key.

https://github.com/faiyaz7283/newsetup MIT Faiyaz Haider 19% Badge level for project 4215 is 19%
4216 MCB19

Modulo de carregamento das baterias auxiliares

https://zenitesolar.github.io/MCB19 GPL-3.0 João Antônio Cardoso 15% Badge level for project 4216 is 15%
4217 Bash-scripts

This is repository of ==Bash scripts==

https://github.com/anatoliykv/Bash-scripts Anatoliy Kalashnikov 10% Badge level for project 4217 is 10%
4218 super-linter

Combination of multiple linters to install as a GitHub Action

https://github.com/zkoppert/super-linter MIT Zack Koppert 16% Badge level for project 4218 is 16%
4219 govalidator

[Go] Package of validators and sanitizers for strings, numerics, slices and structs

https://github.com/asaskevich/govalidator MIT Alex Saskevich 15% Badge level for project 4219 is 15%
4220 dashboard https://liqo.io Apache-2.0 Alex Palesandro 15% Badge level for project 4220 is 15%
4221 Tree

A tree data structure for C++. Defined as a non-linear non-associative unordered recursively referenced collection of nodes, each containing a value.

https://github.com/FrancoisCarouge/Tree MIT F3NR1S 61% Badge level for project 4221 is 61%
4222 paypayopa-sdk-python

With PayPay's Payment SDK, you can build a custom Payment checkout process to suit your unique business needs and branding guidelines

https://developer.paypay.ne.jp/products/docs Apache-2.0 Shreyansh Pandey 2020-10-01 10:46:22 113% Badge level for project 4222 is 113%
4224 OMV-STATS https://github.com/foxone46/OMV-STATS foxone46 10% Badge level for project 4224 is 10%
4225 genrl

A PyTorch reinforcement learning library for generalizable and reproducible algorithm implementations

https://genrl.readthedocs.io/en/latest MIT Sharad Chitlangia 18% Badge level for project 4225 is 18%
4226 pixasearch

Search stock images using the pixabayAPI

https://github.com/matricci/pixasearch MIT Matheus Ricci 15% Badge level for project 4226 is 15%
4227 plank-adp

Advanced tweaks for plank dock

https://github.com/matricci/plank-adp GPL-3.0 Matheus Ricci 15% Badge level for project 4227 is 15%
4228 PHP Standard Library

PHP Standard Library - a modern, consistent, centralized, well-typed set of APIs for PHP programmers.

https://github.com/azjezz/psl MIT Saif Eddin G. 2021-05-23 17:03:46 129% Badge level for project 4228 is 129%
4229 OpenHPC

OpenHPC is a collaborative, community effort that initiated from a desire to aggregate a number of common ingredients required to deploy and manage High...

https://openhpc.community Apache-2.0 Karl W. Schulz 16% Badge level for project 4229 is 16%
4230 Coccinelle

A program matching and transformation tool for C code.

https://coccinelle.gitlabpages.inria.fr/website GPLv2 JuliaLawall 60% Badge level for project 4230 is 60%
4231 mf2

Collection of Multi-Fidelity benchmark functions

https://mf2.readthedocs.io GPL-3.0 Sander 2020-09-05 18:12:34 155% Badge level for project 4231 is 155%
4232 postr

A simple reddit clone built on node.js & MongoDB, with a Vue frontend.

https://github.com/jon-codes/postr MIT jon-codes 24% Badge level for project 4232 is 24%
4233 kube-commander

kubecom: browse your Kubernetes clusters in a casual way

https://github.com/AnatolyRugalev/kube-commander MIT Anatoly Rugalev 15% Badge level for project 4233 is 15%
4234 libhack

A simple, modern and easy to use memory hacking library

https://github.com/lucas-engen/libhack GPL-3.0 Lucas Vieira 21% Badge level for project 4234 is 21%
4235 FakeStandby

An Android app for turning the screen off while keeping apps running.

https://github.com/JonasBernard/FakeStandby GPL-3.0-or-later Jonas 2021-02-23 22:37:33 109% Badge level for project 4235 is 109%
4236 aws-glue-sbt-quickstart

SBT quickstart framework for local development of AWS Glue Scripts

https://github.com/jhole89/aws-glue-sbt-quickstart GPL-3.0 Joel Lutman 42% Badge level for project 4236 is 42%
4237 terraform-aws-sfn-state https://github.com/jhole89/terraform-aws-sfn-state Apache-2.0 Joel Lutman 15% Badge level for project 4237 is 15%
4238 kraft

kraft: define, configure, build and run Unikraft unikernel applications.

https://github.com/unikraft/kraft OTHER Alexander Jung 16% Badge level for project 4238 is 16%
4239 opendose

Slicer3D module implementing the full patient specific 3D Dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy on multiple time points.

https://opendose.org Alex Vergara Gil 2021-01-18 08:50:14 111% Badge level for project 4239 is 111%
4240 logging-operator

A golang based CRD operator to setup and manage logging stack

https://docs.opstreelabs.in/logging-operator OTHER Abhishek Dubey 18% Badge level for project 4240 is 18%
4241 Mallower https://gitlab.com/kortdev/packages/mallower Lars Kort 19% Badge level for project 4241 is 19%
4242 razam

Web-based Git repository hosting for writing science papers in a browser

https://github.com/razamgit/razam Apache-2.0 Eugene 18% Badge level for project 4242 is 18%
4243 webgo

A minimal framework to build web apps; with handler chaining, middleware support; and most of all standard library compliant HTTP handlers(i.e....

https://github.com/bnkamalesh/webgo MIT Kamaleshwar 60% Badge level for project 4243 is 60%
4276 MetabolicAtlas

Metabolic Atlas web app

https://metabolicatlas.org GPL-3.0 Mihail Anton 94% Badge level for project 4276 is 94%
4277 news-feed-eradicator

News Feed Eradicator

https://github.com/zaninalexey/news-feed-eradicator MIT zaninalexey 18% Badge level for project 4277 is 18%

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