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6321 excel-streaming-reader

An easy-to-use implementation of a streaming Excel reader using Apache POI

https://github.com/pjfanning/excel-streaming-reader Apache-2.0 PJ Fanning 2022-08-01 18:29:10 109% Badge level for project 6321 is 109%
6322 Parchin

Parchin is a social network for trading with who we trust!

https://github.com/emranprojects/parchin Emran BatmanGhelich 10% Badge level for project 6322 is 10%
6323 dyrectorio https://github.com/dyrector-io/dyrectorio Levente Orban 3% Badge level for project 6323 is 3%
6324 dyrectorio

Open-source delivery platform that helps developers to deliver applications efficiently by simplifying software releases and operations in any environment.

https://docs.dyrector.io Apache-2.0 Levente Orban 19% Badge level for project 6324 is 19%
6326 keepassxc

KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.

https://keepassxc.org GPL-3.0-or-later Jonathan White 94% Badge level for project 6326 is 94%
6327 MATLab https://github.com/JackTien/MATLab Chin-Wei Tien 10% Badge level for project 6327 is 10%
6328 pylint

A static code analyzer for Python 2 or 3.

https://github.com/PyCQA/pylint GPL-2.0-or-later Pierre Sassoulas 2022-08-27 07:47:50 171% Badge level for project 6328 is 171%
6329 honeybot

IRC bot

https://github.com/pyhoneybot/honeybot MIT Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer 97% Badge level for project 6329 is 97%
6330 rexiv2

Rust wrapper around the gexiv2 library, which is a GObject-based wrapper around Exiv2, which provides read and write access to the Exif, XMP, and IPTC...

https://github.com/felixc/rexiv2 GPL-3.0-or-later Felix Crux 97% Badge level for project 6330 is 97%
6331 Pillow

The friendly PIL fork (Python Imaging Library)

https://python-pillow.org OTHER Hugo van Kemenade 90% Badge level for project 6331 is 90%
6332 bdwgc

The Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative C/C++ Garbage Collector (bdwgc, also known as bdw-gc, boehm-gc, libgc)

https://www.hboehm.info/gc MIT Ivan Maidanski 93% Badge level for project 6332 is 93%
6333 libatomic_ops

The atomic_ops project (Atomic memory update operations portable implementation)

https://github.com/ivmai/libatomic_ops/wiki/Download MIT GPL-2.0 Ivan Maidanski 93% Badge level for project 6333 is 93%
6334 certyaml

Declarative way to create x509 certificates for test environments.

https://github.com/tsaarni/certyaml Apache-2.0 Tero Saarni 94% Badge level for project 6334 is 94%
6335 Firefly III

Firefly III: a personal finances manager

https://firefly-iii.org AGPL-3.0 James Cole 90% Badge level for project 6335 is 90%
6336 RSD-as-a-service

This repo contains the new RSD-as-a-service implementation

https://research-software-directory.org rsd-nlesc 63% Badge level for project 6336 is 63%
6337 another-protobuf-maven-plugin

Maven Plugin that executes the Protocol Buffers (protoc) compiler

https://cookiecode.dev/another-protobuf-maven-plugin Apache-2.0 Sebastien Vermeille 66% Badge level for project 6337 is 66%
6338 Cve-api

Unofficial api for cve.mitre.org

https://github.com/Beyarz/Cve-api Beyar 10% Badge level for project 6338 is 10%
6339 tptp-lark-parser

A TPTP parser using Lark

https://github.com/inpefess/tptp-lark-parser Apache-2.0 Boris Shminke 16% Badge level for project 6339 is 16%
6340 teleport

Certificate authority and access plane for SSH, Kubernetes, web apps, databases and desktops

https://goteleport.com Apache-2.0 Reed Loden 21% Badge level for project 6340 is 21%
6341 gchain

A simple go library for creation of generalized method chain

https://github.com/t-katsumura/gchain MIT t-katsumura 15% Badge level for project 6341 is 15%
6342 InterruptingJedisLocks

Distributed locks on java based on Redis database and Jedis library. Also have distributed Java collections and scan iterators.

https://github.com/oscar-besga-panel/InterruptingJedisLocks MIT Oscar Besga Arcauz 16% Badge level for project 6342 is 16%
6343 cookiecutter-pypackage

An awesome CookieCutter for all-the-things python.

https://github.com/JonasPammer/cookiecutter-pypackage MIT Jonas Pammer 81% Badge level for project 6343 is 81%
6344 Readme https://Readme.com PeRo 3% Badge level for project 6344 is 3%
6345 django-activity-stream

Generate generic activity streams from the actions on your site. Users can follow any actors' activities for personalized streams.

http://django-activity-stream.rtfd.io/en/latest BSD-3-Clause Justin Quick 99% Badge level for project 6345 is 99%
6346 name-it

Name return types of async fn on stable Rust

https://github.com/GoldsteinE/name-it BlueOak-1.0.0 Goldstein 2022-08-10 10:26:54 111% Badge level for project 6346 is 111%
6347 flyingfish

About Flyingfish, is an Nginx proxy connection manager with many useful additional features. It is intended to provide usability and fast application of...

https://github.com/stefanwerfling/flyingfish GPL-3.0 stefanwerfling 57% Badge level for project 6347 is 57%
6348 SpiceDB

Open source permissions database inspired by Google Zanzibar

https://authzed.com/spicedb Apache-2.0 Jimmy Zelinskie 2022-08-10 21:48:55 116% Badge level for project 6348 is 116%
6349 must-gather

MTC must-gather

https://github.com/savitharaghunathan/must-gather Apache-2.0 Savitha Raghunathan 90% Badge level for project 6349 is 90%
6350 maxsaber.github.io https://maxsaber.com MIT Max Saber 15% Badge level for project 6350 is 15%
6351 kubernetes-ingress

NGINX and NGINX Plus Ingress Controllers for Kubernetes

Apache-2.0 Luca Comellini 19% Badge level for project 6351 is 19%

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