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3137 epsonprintersupportpro

I am Sophia Helt like to remain up to date with latest software technology. We are a reliable third party support company, offering technical support for...

https://www.epsonprintersupportpro.us sophia helt 2% Проект 3137 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3138 smo-services https://www.tangensys.com/smo-services abhi kumar 2% Проект 3138 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3139 seo-services

Professional SEO Services can lift your site above your competitors and top on every search engine results by any keyword when users types. According to SEO...

https://www.tangensys.com/seo-services abhi kumar 2% Проект 3139 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3140 applesupportphonenumber

Hi ‘my name is Martinlutharz, I have been working with the team of experts, who are providing optimum solutions to the needy customers like you. If you are...

https://www.applesupportphonenumber.co Martin lutharz 2% Проект 3140 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3141 mymcafeecomactivate

McAfee is one of the renowned antivirus companies which are recognized to offer various products for the use of common people. It provides the best possible...

https://mymcafeecomactivate.com Carry Adverd 2% Проект 3141 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3142 Containerized_Spark

Containerized Spark on Kubernetes and Docker

https://github.com/sshakeri/Containerized_Spark Shahin Shakeri 9% Проект 3142 выполнил критерии для значка на 9%
3143 rest-api-framework

Simple REST API framework for Node.js

https://github.com/roshangade/rest-api-framework MIT Roshan Gade 91% Проект 3143 выполнил критерии для значка на 91%
3144 nailclipper

It's just a nailclipper project :D

https://github.com/tianbaodada/nailclipper tianbaodada 2% Проект 3144 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3145 domino-ui


https://github.com/DominoKit/domino-ui Apache-2.0 Ahmad K. Bawaneh 83% Проект 3145 выполнил критерии для значка на 83%
3146 aws-lambda-basic https://github.com/jobycxa/aws-lambda-basic jobycxa 9% Проект 3146 выполнил критерии для значка на 9%
3147 votebot https://votebot.wtf Michael Rittmeister 2% Проект 3147 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3148 dcd-api-http

A NodeJS REST API for the Data-Centric Design Hub

https://github.com/datacentricdesign/dcd-api-http MIT Jacky Bourgeois 15% Проект 3148 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
3149 blaziken https://gitlab.com/panama-jsc/blaziken Nguyen Quoc Anh 2% Проект 3149 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3150 web-development-services

Digital marketing filed in many departments and every department is very important role-playing promoting business also one of them its web development...

https://www.tangensys.com/web-development-services abhi kumar 2% Проект 3150 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3151 KrakenD

Ultra performant API Gateway with middlewares

https://www.krakend.io Apache-2.0 A. Lombarte 2019-09-03 22:59:18 104% Проект 3151 выполнил критерии для значка на 104%
3152 MMM-WeeklySchedule

Module for MagicMirror which shows a weekly timetable. Might be helpful for students/teachers/parents to show class schedules, weekly gym courses, sports...

https://github.com/pinsdorf/MMM-WeeklySchedule MIT pinsdorf 20% Проект 3152 выполнил критерии для значка на 20%
3153 base-images https://gitlab.com/characato/base-images Ethan 2% Проект 3153 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3154 appsec_spell_checker

CS-GY9163: Application Security Fall 2019 Unit Assignment 1

https://github.com/shrowner/appsec_spell_checker shrowner 9% Проект 3154 выполнил критерии для значка на 9%
3155 Lely core libraries

The Lely core libraries are a collection of libraries designed to support the implementation robot control applications, on Linux, Windows or bare metal...

https://gitlab.com/lely_industries/lely-core Apache-2.0 Jos Seldenthuis 97% Проект 3155 выполнил критерии для значка на 97%
3156 Hyperactive

A hyperparameter optimization and meta-learning toolbox for convenient and fast prototyping of machine-/deep-learning models.

https://github.com/SimonBlanke/Hyperactive MIT Simon Blanke 14% Проект 3156 выполнил критерии для значка на 14%
3157 ghdl

Open-source analyzer, compiler and simulator for VHDL 2008/93/87

https://github.com/ghdl/ghdl GPL-2.0-or-later CC-BY-SA-4.0 1138-4EB 2019-09-14 00:05:04 149% Проект 3157 выполнил критерии для значка на 149%
3158 microsoft-outlook-support

Outlook emailing interface is considered to be second to none as web mail client features give the suitable way to transverse your communication. As soon as...

https://www.microsoft-supportnumber.com/microsoft-outlook-support Thilde Carlsson 2% Проект 3158 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%
3159 appsecurity9163

Learn Secure coding and application development techniques

https://github.com/zacisgr8/appsecurity9163 zacisgr8 9% Проект 3159 выполнил критерии для значка на 9%
3160 DymamicAuthProviders

Store and manage Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication providers dynamicaly

https://github.com/aguacongas/DymamicAuthProviders MIT Olivier Lefebvre 15% Проект 3160 выполнил критерии для значка на 15%
3161 .github

Organization-wide GitHub configuration files

https://github.com/mu-box/.github Dan Hunsaker 9% Проект 3161 выполнил критерии для значка на 9%
3162 Microbox

Microbox (aka µbox, mu-box, or mi-box, depending on who you talk to) is an open-source "fork" of Nanobox (https://nanobox.io), focusing initially on...

https://github.com/mu-box MIT Dan Hunsaker 85% Проект 3162 выполнил критерии для значка на 85%
3163 Elastic Deep Learning

Elastic Deep Learning using PaddlePaddle and Kubernetes

https://github.com/PaddlePaddle/edl Apache-2.0 Dong Daxiang 70% Проект 3163 выполнил критерии для значка на 70%
3164 pycoincap

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Python module for getting cryptocurrency data from Coinmarketcap :chart_with_downwards_trend:

https://github.com/ZoranPandovski/pycoincap MIT Zoran Pandovski 14% Проект 3164 выполнил критерии для значка на 14%
3165 manjaro

Manjaro Linux is a community-focused Linux distribution derived from Arch Linux. It aims to provide a usable and accessible Linux desktop and meet the needs...

https://www.manjaro.org Jonathon Fernyhough 74% Проект 3165 выполнил критерии для значка на 74%
3167 today-match-prediction

Season 7 of the Caribbean Premier League will begin on Sept 4, 2019, in Trinidad. The tournament will start with St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots taking on the...

https://cbtfarnav.com/today-match-prediction arnav sharma 2% Проект 3167 выполнил критерии для значка на 2%

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