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1096 redux-auto

Automatically generate Redux stories and actions from your folder and file structure

https://github.com/codemeasandwich/redux-auto MPL-2.0 Brian Shannon 14% Badge level for project 1096 is 14%
1098 komock

Simple and tiny HTTP/Consul/SpringConfig REST mocker framework written in Kotlin for QA/DEV

https://github.com/laviua/komock Apache-2.0 Oleksandr Loushkin 15% Badge level for project 1098 is 15%
1099 TooAutomation https://github.com/TaaviE/TooAutomation GPL-3.0 Taavi 89% Badge level for project 1099 is 89%
1100 Imhomos/houstonsmile/rsdjlhsmile

Darrall Joseph Lee. https://www.instagram.com/imhomos/?hl=en

https://github.com/imhomos/hello-world AGPL-3.0 Darrall.Joseph Lee 21% Badge level for project 1100 is 21%
1104 sphinxdoc-test https://github.com/junyongk/sphinxdoc-test - 9% Badge level for project 1104 is 9%
1107 AtmoSwing

AtmoSwing stands for Analog Technique Model for Statistical weather forecastING. The software allows for real-time precipitation forecasting based on a...

https://github.com/atmoswing/atmoswing CDDL-1.0 Pascal Horton 91% Badge level for project 1107 is 91%
1116 unburden-home-dir

Automatically unburden $HOME from caches, etc. Useful for $HOME on SSDs, small disks or slow NFS homes. Can be triggered via an hook in /etc/X11/Xsession.d/.

https://unburden-home-dir.readthedocs.io GPL-2.0 Axel Beckert 86% Badge level for project 1116 is 86%
1117 js-big-decimal

Work with large numbers on the client side with high precision.

https://github.com/royNiladri/js-big-decimal MIT Niladri 95% Badge level for project 1117 is 95%
1119 addon-lxdone

This add-on gives OpenNebula the possibility to manage LXD containers.

https://opennebula.org/lxdone-lightweight-virtualization-for-opennebula Apache-2.0 Daniel Clavijo Coca 14% Badge level for project 1119 is 14%
1120 📢 Telegram React application https://github.com/goodmind/treact MIT andretshurotshka 14% Badge level for project 1120 is 14%
1121 Cinject, C++ dependency injection framework https://github.com/mjirous/cinject MIT Michal Jirouš 17% Badge level for project 1121 is 17%
1122 Swift SDK for the Dropbox API v2. https://github.com/toppole69/SwiftyDropbox Mr Adrian Imach 11% Badge level for project 1122 is 11%
1123 Distributed WPA PSK auditor https://github.com/RealEnder/dwpa GPL-3.0 Alex Stanev 14% Badge level for project 1123 is 14%
1124 Java sample for symmetric and asymmetric cryptography https://github.com/adioss/cryptoMemo Apache-2.0 adrien pailhes 17% Badge level for project 1124 is 17%
1125 DnsChanger https://github.com/junyongk/DnsChanger - 9% Badge level for project 1125 is 9%
1126 teamschwed https://github.com/DrFelder/teamschwed Thomas Pötzsch 2% Badge level for project 1126 is 2%
1127 lest

A modern, C++11-native, single-file header-only, tiny framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD (includes C++98 variant)

https://github.com/martinmoene/lest BSL-1.0 Martin Moene 74% Badge level for project 1127 is 74%
1128 ruamel.yaml

ruamel.yaml is a YAML 1.2 loader/dumper package for Python.

It supports roundtrip preservation of comments, flow-style and mapping key order.

https://yaml.readthedocs.io MIT Anthon 2017-07-18 17:01:35 127% Badge level for project 1128 is 127%
1129 peregrino https://github.com/arksega/peregrino Apache-2.0 Sergio Gutierrez Alvarez 14% Badge level for project 1129 is 14%
1131 money

Ruby gem to perform currency conversion and arithmetics with different currencies

https://github.com/yuri-val/money MIT Yuri V 17% Badge level for project 1131 is 17%
1132 all-purpose-identificator

A tiny identificator for playing "find what i'm thinking of" or identifies trees, mushroms, etc.

https://github.com/esauvage/all-purpose-identificator GPL-2.0+ - 12% Badge level for project 1132 is 12%
1133 Symfony KronhyxSessionBundle https://github.com/Kronhyx/SessionBundle OTHER Randy Tellez Galán 11% Badge level for project 1133 is 11%
1134 Multi-backend and extensible packaging toolkit. https://aosc.io GPL-2.0 - 14% Badge level for project 1134 is 14%
1138 pwma https://github.com/hampustagerud/pwma Hampus Tågerud 12% Badge level for project 1138 is 12%
1139 Hapi Boilerplate

Boilerplate project based on Hapi.

https://github.com/vitorsalgado/hapi-boilerplate Apache-2.0 Vitor Hugo Salgado 52% Badge level for project 1139 is 52%
1141 celeryproject https://www.celeryproject.com Omer Katz 2% Badge level for project 1141 is 2%
1142 k8s-wait-for

A simple script that allows to wait for a k8s service, job or pods to enter desired state

https://github.com/groundnuty/k8s-wait-for MIT Michal Orzechowski 17% Badge level for project 1142 is 17%
1143 Extra standard functions. https://github.com/gribouille/elm-prelude MIT Gribouille 14% Badge level for project 1143 is 14%
1144 Wulkanowy

Androidowy klient dziennika VULCAN UONET+.

https://wulkanowy.github.io Apache-2.0 Mikołaj Pich 27% Badge level for project 1144 is 27%
1145 TheHoneydew

Created for "Audit and Control Department of Tomsk region"

https://kru.keva.su MIT Igor Polyakov 18% Badge level for project 1145 is 18%

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