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3581 sgxwallet

sgxwallet is a next generation hardware secure crypto wallet that is based on Intel SGX technology. It currently supports Ethereum and SKALE, and will...

https://skale.network AGPL-3.0-only Chadwick Strange 2021-08-05 19:10:01 113% Badge level for project 3581 is 113%
3582 GCA

Scrape the events from webpage and uploads them to google calendar.

https://github.com/Abhi-khandelwal/GCA AK.py 10% Badge level for project 3582 is 10%
3583 skale-consensus

SKALE BFT consensus is universal, modern, modular, high-performance, asynchronous, provably-secure, agent-based Proof-of-Stake blockchain consensus engine in...

https://skale.network AGPL-3.0-only Chadwick Strange 81% Badge level for project 3583 is 81%
3584 Blockchain-based-Cross-Border-Remittance-System

This is an open source cross border remittance DApp using hyperledger fabric to build the blockchain network and nodejs application for interaction.

https://github.com/DedSec-0/Blockchain-based-Cross-Border-Remittance-System Hamza Awan 10% Badge level for project 3584 is 10%
3585 AL-19-20 https://github.com/Prune11/AL-19-20 Prune Pillone 13% Badge level for project 3585 is 13%
3586 bchain https://github.com/girish979/bchain Girish 10% Badge level for project 3586 is 10%
3587 hammurabi

An extensible CLI tool responsible for enforcing user-defined rules

https://github.com/gabor-boros/hammurabi Apache-2.0 Boros Gábor 2020-01-16 13:29:50 135% Badge level for project 3587 is 135%
3588 keptn

Keptn is a message-driven control-plane for application delivery and automated operations

https://keptn.sh Apache-2.0 Alois Reitbauer 99% Badge level for project 3588 is 99%
3589 envsubsty

Just another expriment about envsubst...

https://github.com/kukaryambik/envsubsty OTHER Alexander Yakimenko 12% Badge level for project 3589 is 12%
3591 pastebin.run

A pastebin with code execution functionality.

https://pastebin.run AGPL-3.0+ Konrad Borowski 2020-01-19 13:32:18 145% Badge level for project 3591 is 145%
3624 katitu https://github.com/katitu33/katitu AGPL-3.0-only Katitu Katituson 54% Badge level for project 3624 is 54%
3625 warp

Standard-conformant WebAuthn relying party implementation

https://github.com/e3b0c442/warp MIT Nick Meyer 2020-01-19 17:21:43 113% Badge level for project 3625 is 113%
3626 go-dreamhost

go-dreamhost is a Go library for accessing the Dreamhost API.

https://github.com/sgerrand/go-dreamhost MIT Sasha Gerrand 85% Badge level for project 3626 is 85%
3628 graphql-boilerplate-playground https://github.com/GrayStrider/graphql-boilerplate-playground GrayStrider 10% Badge level for project 3628 is 10%
3629 prometheus-swarm-discovery

Prometheus Swarm Discovery based on file_sd

https://github.com/llacroix/prometheus-swarm-discovery Apache-2.0 Loïc Faure-Lacroix 2020-01-22 01:05:29 109% Badge level for project 3629 is 109%
3630 Bytecode-Website

Bytecode Website GitLab repository, protected branches only. Built with ReactJS (with GatsbyJS), Styled Components and NodeJS.

https://bytecode.nl AGPL-3.0 Luciano Nooijen 18% Badge level for project 3630 is 18%
3631 sentinel5dl

Sentinel-5(P) Downloader

https://sentinel5dl.emissions-api.org MIT Lars Kiesow 96% Badge level for project 3631 is 96%
3632 OpenAPI-Tester

Django test utility for validating OpenAPI/Swagger documentation

https://github.com/sondrelg/openapi-tester BSD-3-Clause sondrelg 30% Badge level for project 3632 is 30%
3633 BareboyBTTM https://github.com/BareboyKev/BareboyBTTM Apache-2.0 BareboyKev 15% Badge level for project 3633 is 15%
3634 app

IronPHP 1.0 application template

https://github.com/ironphp/app MIT Gaurang Kumar 15% Badge level for project 3634 is 15%
3636 learn1


https://github.com/gyoganandhan/learn1 gyoganandhan 10% Badge level for project 3636 is 10%
3639 Map2Check

Map2Check: Finding Software Vulnerabilities

https://map2check.github.io GPL-2.0 Herbert 88% Badge level for project 3639 is 88%
3643 Aion-blockchain-docker https://github.com/girish979/Aion-blockchain-docker Girish 10% Badge level for project 3643 is 10%
3645 stdgpu

stdgpu: Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU

https://github.com/stotko/stdgpu Apache-2.0 Patrick Stotko 2020-01-25 13:01:35 153% Badge level for project 3645 is 153%
3646 kodi-controller

The code for interfacing with kodi Docs:

https://cmp2804m-group3.github.io/kodi-controller GPL-3.0 Joseph Pitts 16% Badge level for project 3646 is 16%
3647 xsrv

Run your own network services, on a server you control.

This ansible playbook lets you quickly and reliably install and manage various network services...

https://gitlab.com/nodiscc/xsrv GPL-3.0-only nodiscc 87% Badge level for project 3647 is 87%
3648 test-project.git trnvo 3% Badge level for project 3648 is 3%
3649 sqmgr-api

Backend API for SqMGR

https://sqmgr.com Apache-2.0 Thomas Peters 18% Badge level for project 3649 is 18%
3650 isomer

Isomer base system - the decentralized application framework

https://www.isomer.eu AGPL-3.0 riot 93% Badge level for project 3650 is 93%
3651 selective_copy

Simple command line application that copies all files with given extension from a directory and its subfolders to another directory.

https://github.com/pltnk/selective_copy MIT Kirill Plotnikov 15% Badge level for project 3651 is 15%

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