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3519 vue-gl

Vue.js components rendering 3D graphics reactively via three.js

https://vue-gl.github.io MIT IKEDA Hiroki 15% Badge level for project 3519 is 15%
3520 phpcodesniffer-composer-installer

Composer installer for PHP_CodeSniffer coding standards

https://github.com/Dealerdirect/phpcodesniffer-composer-installer MIT Ben Peachey 92% Badge level for project 3520 is 92%
3521 0-to-hero

Azerbaijani TechMentors living across the world: promising people with unpromising ideas!

https://github.com/goupaz/0-to-hero Arlington1985 9% Badge level for project 3521 is 9%
3522 mollie-api-go

Golang wrapper for Mollie's REST API with full resource coverage.

http://www.mollie.com MIT Victor Hugo Avelar Ossorio 15% Badge level for project 3522 is 15%
3523 zfs-localpv

CSI Driver for ZFS based Persistent Volumes for Kubernetes.

https://github.com/openebs/zfs-localpv Apache-2.0 Pawan Prakash Sharma 18% Badge level for project 3523 is 18%
3524 scrooge-api

Expenses management

https://github.com/waryss/scrooge-api OTHER waryss 15% Badge level for project 3524 is 15%
3525 uia-message

A Java serialization/deserialization library to convert Objects into binary and back depending on structure defined by XML.

https://github.com/uia4j/uia-message Apache-2.0 Kyle K. Lin 14% Badge level for project 3525 is 14%
3526 m00n

Discord Entertainment bot written in NodeJS

https://hernikplays.cz/m00n AGPL-3.0 hernikplays 92% Badge level for project 3526 is 92%
3527 rgee

R bindings for calling the Earth Engine API

https://csaybar.github.io/rgee Apache-2.0 Cesar Luis Aybar Camacho 89% Badge level for project 3527 is 89%
3528 awsctrl https://awsctrl.io Chris Hein 2% Badge level for project 3528 is 2%
3529 react-md-components https://github.com/xNicklaj/react-md-components MIT Simone Aronica 15% Badge level for project 3529 is 15%
3530 docs-travis-ci-com

The Travis CI Documentation

http://docs.travis-ci.com Qdigital 11% Badge level for project 3530 is 11%
3531 Discuss Data

Open Platform for the Interactive Discussion of Research Data Quality (on the example of area studies on the post-Soviet region)

https://gitlab.gwdg.de/discuss-data/discuss-data AGPL-3.0-or-later stexandev 95% Badge level for project 3531 is 95%
3532 FastAD

FastAD is a C++ implementation of automatic differentiation both forward and reverse mode.

https://github.com/JamesYang007/FastAD MIT James Yang 2019-12-24 21:05:39 115% Badge level for project 3532 is 115%
3533 ck550-macos

MacOS effect control SW for a CoolMaster CK550 & CK530 Keyboard (US Layout).

https://github.com/vookimedlo/ck550-macos MIT Michal Duda 14% Badge level for project 3533 is 14%
3534 fix_setup https://github.com/JamesYang007/FastAD/tree/james.yang/fix_setup James Yang 6% Badge level for project 3534 is 6%
3535 heddlr

Tools to enable dynamic R Markdown generation

https://mikemahoney218.github.io/heddlr MIT Michael Mahoney 2019-12-25 05:05:06 144% Badge level for project 3535 is 144%
3537 platformlabeler-plugin

Jenkins Platform Labeler plugin

https://plugins.jenkins.io/platformlabeler MIT Mark Waite 2020-01-07 22:36:34 111% Badge level for project 3537 is 111%
3538 jenkins

Jenkins automation server

https://jenkins.io MIT Oleg Nenashev 2020-07-21 12:13:13 133% Badge level for project 3538 is 133%
3539 Polypropylene

Library for Polymorphism Aware Dynamic Mixins Similar to Entity Component Systems

https://github.com/PaulAtTUBS/Polypropylene MIT Paul Maximilian Bittner 86% Badge level for project 3539 is 86%
3541 sai-sai

sai sai

https://github.com/sai5839448/sai-sai sai5839448 9% Badge level for project 3541 is 9%
3542 epsilon

A project about notation and ideas.

https://rishi.js.org/epsilon MIT Rishi Kothari 14% Badge level for project 3542 is 14%
3543 pyCallBy

Auxillary classes to implement call by reference.

https://github.com/Paebbels/pyCallBy Apache-2.0 Patrick Lehmann 74% Badge level for project 3543 is 74%
3544 git-release

Create a GitHub Release with Assets and Changelog

https://github.com/marketplace/actions/git-release MIT Anton Yurchenko 18% Badge level for project 3544 is 18%
3545 generator-sls

Yeoman generator for a lambda Serverless project

https://github.com/msolimans/generator-sls MIT Muhammad Soliman 14% Badge level for project 3545 is 14%
3548 blockchain-automation-framework

An automation framework for rapidly and consistently deploying production-ready DLT platforms

https://github.com/hyperledger-labs/blockchain-automation-framework Apache-2.0 suvajit-sarkar 2020-06-30 18:29:19 136% Badge level for project 3548 is 136%
3550 langdon

Various crypto attacks

https://github.com/lightfaith/langdon GPL-2.0 lightfaith 14% Badge level for project 3550 is 14%
3551 PermissionsDispatcher

Simple annotation-based API to handle runtime permissions.

https://github.com/jamjamk1983/PermissionsDispatcher Apache-2.0 jamjamk1983 17% Badge level for project 3551 is 17%
3552 DAPSCoin https://officialdapscoin.com MIT Adel de Meyer 15% Badge level for project 3552 is 15%
3555 DNSCrypt-BLACKLIST.git

Blacklist for use with DNSCrypt (v1 or v2), DoH & DoT

CC0-1.0 intr0 17% Badge level for project 3555 is 17%

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