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4016 liquidctl

Cross-platform CLI and Python drivers for AIO liquid coolers and other devices

https://github.com/jonasmalacofilho/liquidctl GPL-3.0+ Jonas Malaco 79% Badge level for project 4016 is 79%
4017 hpctools

Debugging and Performance Tools examples using the ReFrame framework

https://eth-cscs.github.io/hpctools BSD-3-Clause jgp 18% Badge level for project 4017 is 18%
4018 MushOS https://github.com/MilesArtemius/MushOS MilTy 12% Badge level for project 4018 is 12%
4019 scipp

Multi-dimensional data arrays with labeled dimensions.

https://scipp.github.io GPL-3.0 Dan Nixon 94% Badge level for project 4019 is 94%
4020 pipeline

A K8s-native Pipeline resource.

https://tekton.dev Apache-2.0 Christie Wilson 18% Badge level for project 4020 is 18%
4021 ineptobot

Bot en español de discord

https://github.com/Monoverde888/ineptobot MPL-2.0 Monoverde888 14% Badge level for project 4021 is 14%
4022 tequa.git Mikołaj Żabiński 2% Badge level for project 4022 is 2%
4023 faker-providers

A collection of custom providers for the fzaninotto/Faker php library

https://github.com/alu-/faker-providers MIT alu 14% Badge level for project 4023 is 14%
4024 rsass

Sass reimplemented in rust with nom (early stage)

https://crates.io/crates/rsass MIT OR Apache-2.0 Rasmus Kaj 91% Badge level for project 4024 is 91%
4025 Data-Tracker

System for tracking data generated by SciLifeLab facilities

https://github.com/ScilifelabDataCentre/Data-Tracker BSD-3-Clause Linus Östberg 59% Badge level for project 4025 is 59%
4026 Enterprise-Management-System

A Software Engineering project developed in Flask. Original Repo

https://github.com/tharun143/Enterprise-Management-System MIT Tharun Ravuri 14% Badge level for project 4026 is 14%
4027 learning-app

learning made easy

https://github.com/anumolu-kumar/learning-app anumolu-kumar 9% Badge level for project 4027 is 9%
4028 music-website https://github.com/anumolu-kumar/music-website anumolu-kumar 9% Badge level for project 4028 is 9%
4029 cantools

CAN bus tools.

https://github.com/eerimoq/cantools MIT Erik Moqvist 30% Badge level for project 4029 is 30%
4030 PSMS2

PS Management System

https://github.com/SomboChea/PSMS2 Sambo Chea 9% Badge level for project 4030 is 9%
4031 spacebin-cli

🌀 command line interface for spacebin

https://github.com/spacebin-org/cli BSD-3-CLAUSE-CLEAR Jack Dorland 15% Badge level for project 4031 is 15%
4032 how-to-graphql https://github.com/VuongVu/how-to-graphql Vuong Vu 2% Badge level for project 4032 is 2%
4033 altair

Open-source API Gateway

https://github.com/codefluence-x/altair Apache-2.0 Muhammad Arief Rahman 17% Badge level for project 4033 is 17%
4034 luajson

JSON parser/encoder for Lua Parses JSON using LPEG for speed and flexibility. Depending on parser/encoder options, various values are preserved as best as...

http://www.eharning.us/wiki/luajson OTHER Thomas Harning Jr 15% Badge level for project 4034 is 15%
4035 machado

This repository provides users with a framework to store, search and visualize biological data.

https://github.com/lmb-embrapa/machado GPL-3.0 Adhemar Zerlotini 2020-07-01 12:40:02 104% Badge level for project 4035 is 104%
4036 ercole

The Server component of the Ercole Project

https://ercole.io OTHER Amreo 15% Badge level for project 4036 is 15%
4070 protobuf-maven-plugin

Maven Plugin that executes the Protocol Buffers (protoc) compiler

https://www.xolstice.org/protobuf-maven-plugin Apache-2.0 Sergei Ivanov 97% Badge level for project 4070 is 97%
4071 C-RoadMap

Collecting themes learned, these are constantly updated

https://github.com/Shvana/C-RoadMap MIT Jonatan Huergo 17% Badge level for project 4071 is 17%
4072 lvgl

Powerful and easy-to-use embedded GUI with many widgets, advanced visual effects (opacity, antialiasing, animations) and low memory requirements (16K RAM,...

https://lvgl.io MIT Gabor Kiss-Vamosi 15% Badge level for project 4072 is 15%
4073 software_engineering_g2

Repository for Software Engineering Group 2

https://github.com/markscamilleri/software_engineering_g2 Mark Said Camilleri 9% Badge level for project 4073 is 9%
4074 Azure-Learnings https://github.com/kothapalli2008/Azure-Learnings kothapalli2008 9% Badge level for project 4074 is 9%
4075 Blop https://github.com/Saluki-Corporation/Blop iSaluki 2% Badge level for project 4075 is 2%
4076 notes_app https://github.com/jamielaff/notes_app Jamie Lafferty 12% Badge level for project 4076 is 12%
4077 WebEngine


https://github.com/usadson/WebEngine BSD-2-Clause Tristan 18% Badge level for project 4077 is 18%
4078 Election Data Analysis

This repository aims to provide reliable tools for consolidation and analysis of raw election results from the most reliable sources -- the election agencies...

https://github.com/sfsinger19103/election_anomaly GPL-3.0 Stephanie Frank Singer 2021-02-26 22:19:50 109% Badge level for project 4078 is 109%

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