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4165 jekyll-spaceship

🚀 A Jekyll plugin to provide powerful supports for table, mathjax, plantuml, mermaid, emoji, video, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.

https://github.com/jeffreytse/jekyll-spaceship MIT JT 17% Badge level for project 4165 is 17%
4166 mokosh https://github.com/lazicnemanja/mokosh MIT Nemanja Lazic 14% Badge level for project 4166 is 14%
4167 Clustering Geo-Data Cubes (CGC)

A clustering tool for geospatial applications

https://github.com/phenology/cgc Apache-2.0 Francesco Nattino 33% Badge level for project 4167 is 33%
4168 techonomics https://github.com/techonomics69/techonomics MIT Christian Anderson 14% Badge level for project 4168 is 14%
4169 external_dns https://github.com/grigorescu/external_dns BSD-3-Clause Vlad Grigorescu 15% Badge level for project 4169 is 15%
4170 git-as-svn https://github.com/bozaro/git-as-svn Marat Radchenko 2% Badge level for project 4170 is 2%
4171 Hands-On-Auto-DevOps-with-GitLab-CI

Hands-On Auto DevOps with GitLab CI [Video], by Packt Publishing

https://github.com/vickybansal/Hands-On-Auto-DevOps-with-GitLab-CI MIT Vivek Bansal 14% Badge level for project 4171 is 14%
4172 remotemoe

tunnels to localhost and other ssh plumbing

https://github.com/fasmide/remotemoe MIT Kristian Mide 14% Badge level for project 4172 is 14%
4173 antrea

Kubernetes networking based on Open vSwitch

https://antrea.io Apache-2.0 Antonin Bas 98% Badge level for project 4173 is 98%
4174 liqo

Building your shared Kubernetes ocean

https://liqo.io Apache-2.0 Alex Palesandro 27% Badge level for project 4174 is 27%
4175 cowrie

Cowrie SSH/Telnet Honeypot http://cowrie.readthedocs.io

https://www.cowrie.org BSD-3-Clause Michel Oosterhof 50% Badge level for project 4175 is 50%
4176 ilanot-portal https://gitlab.gwdg.de/ilanot/ilanot-portal Apache-2.0 jbiermann 77% Badge level for project 4176 is 77%
4177 IsoMapNL https://github.com/EstherPlomp/IsoMapNL Esther 2% Badge level for project 4177 is 2%
4178 pravega

A reliable storage system with the stream as a new storage primitive.

https://pravega.io Apache-2.0 Derek P. Moore 98% Badge level for project 4178 is 98%
4179 python-openrtm-aist-deb

Debian package for openrtm-aist-python

https://github.com/thomas-moulard/python-openrtm-aist-deb Thomas Moulard 9% Badge level for project 4179 is 9%
4180 iredmail-docker

iRedmail docker container

https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/lejmr/iredmail Miloš Kozák 9% Badge level for project 4180 is 9%
4181 genevaers

GenevaERS solves problem of efficiently reporting on large volumes of transactional data. It is a set of software components with previously patented...

https://github.com/genevaers Apache-2.0 bobmcc9 98% Badge level for project 4181 is 98%
4182 corde

A simple library for testing Discord.js Bots 🚀🤖

https://github.com/lucasgmagalhaes/corde MIT Lucas Gomes 14% Badge level for project 4182 is 14%
4183 metaflow

Build and manage real-life data science projects with ease.

https://metaflow.org Apache-2.0 Savin 32% Badge level for project 4183 is 32%
4184 shadowtalks https://github.com/shadowtalks Jinesi Yelizati 2% Badge level for project 4184 is 2%
4185 chaos-mesh

A Chaos Engineering Platform for Kubernetes.

https://chaos-mesh.org Apache-2.0 Calvin Weng 24% Badge level for project 4185 is 24%
4186 IntelMQ

IntelMQ is a solution for IT security teams for collecting and processing security feeds using a message queuing protocol.

https://github.com/certtools/intelmq AGPL-3.0-or-later Wagner 94% Badge level for project 4186 is 94%
4187 TTE.project1

Sample TTE Project for DIH squared

https://github.com/ramp-eu/TTE.project1 MIT Jason Fox 32% Badge level for project 4187 is 32%
4188 TTE.project2

Second Sample Project for DIH squared

https://github.com/ramp-eu/TTE.project2 MIT Jason Fox 15% Badge level for project 4188 is 15%
4189 Arroyo Erp API

Node.js api rest server

https://github.com/soker90/arroyo-erp-api MIT Eduardo Parra 14% Badge level for project 4189 is 14%
4190 ReplicaDB

ReplicaDB is open source tool for database replication, designed for efficiently transferring bulk data between relational and non-relational databases

https://osalvador.github.io/ReplicaDB Apache-2.0 Oscar Salvador Magallanes 24% Badge level for project 4190 is 24%
4191 systemds

Mirror of Apache SystemML

http://systemds.apache.org Apache-2.0 j143 17% Badge level for project 4191 is 17%
4192 sarracenia

Subscribe, Acquire and Recursively Re-advertise Ad nauseam to Communicate Everything Nearly Instantly and Always - S'Abonner, Acquerir, et Recursivement...

https://github.com/MetPX/sarracenia GPL-2.0 Peter Silva 15% Badge level for project 4192 is 15%
4193 ProjectTemplate

Template for C++ projects

https://flagarde.github.io/ProjectTemplate MIT flagarde 17% Badge level for project 4193 is 17%
4194 wex

wex is a library that offers windows ex and vi components, and some applications that show how to use it.

http://antonvw.github.com/wex-help/v20.04.0/html/index.html MIT Anton van Wezenbeek 20% Badge level for project 4194 is 20%

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