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3988 CProgramming https://github.com/HellAmbro/CProgramming HellAmbro 2% Badge level for project 3988 is 2%
3989 CCTag

Detection of CCTag markers made up of concentric circles.

https://alicevision.org MPL-2.0 Simone Gasparini 98% Badge level for project 3989 is 98%
3990 PowerShellForGitHub

Microsoft PowerShell wrapper for GitHub API

https://github.com/microsoft/PowerShellForGitHub OTHER Howard Wolosky 2020-05-30 22:55:40 115% Badge level for project 3990 is 115%
3991 ASTRID Context Broker Manager

APIs to interact with the Context Broker's database. Through a REST Interface, it exposes data and events stored in the internal storage system in a...

https://cb-manager.readthedocs.io MIT Alex Carrega 76% Badge level for project 3991 is 76%
3992 pyclean

Pure Python cross-platform pyclean. Clean up your Python bytecode.

https://speakerdeck.com/bittner/pyclean GPL-3.0 Peter Bittner 14% Badge level for project 3992 is 14%
3994 okta-developer-docs


https://github.com/okta/okta-developer-docs Qdigital 9% Badge level for project 3994 is 9%
3995 libstring

Adds support for modern strings to ANSI C.

https://github.com/carmesim/libstring MIT V. R. Miguel 14% Badge level for project 3995 is 14%
3996 amazon-ec2-instance-selector

A CLI tool and go library which recommends instance types based on resource criteria like vcpus and memory

https://github.com/aws/amazon-ec2-instance-selector OTHER Brandon Wagner 15% Badge level for project 3996 is 15%
3997 OOPS-Java

an object oriented project developed in java language.

https://github.com/tharun143/OOPS-Java EPL-2.0 Tharun Ravuri 12% Badge level for project 3997 is 12%
3998 skyOS

Web presence for Lonestar, a virtual airline that simulates operations for flight simulation enthusiasts.

https://github.com/lonestarvirtual/skyOS MIT Carson Page 27% Badge level for project 3998 is 27%
3999 textpattern

A flexible, elegant, fast and easy-to-use content management system written in PHP.

https://textpattern.com GPL-2.0 Pete Cooper 14% Badge level for project 3999 is 14%
4000 PSoC-EMS

A repository for PClub Summer of Code 2020.

https://github.com/tharun143/PSoC-EMS MIT Tharun Ravuri 14% Badge level for project 4000 is 14%
4001 github-slideshow

A robot powered training repository

https://lab.github.com/githubtraining/introduction-to-github MIT Tharun Ravuri 14% Badge level for project 4001 is 14%
4002 grimoirelab-hatstall https://github.com/tharun143/grimoirelab-hatstall GPL-3.0 Tharun Ravuri 15% Badge level for project 4002 is 15%
4003 logdb https://github.com/borer/logdb Apache-2.0 Bogdan Gochev 17% Badge level for project 4003 is 17%
4004 ajv

The fastest JSON Schema Validator. Supports draft-04/06/07

https://ajv.js.org MIT Evgeny Poberezkin 98% Badge level for project 4004 is 98%
4005 UC5-API

Process Wrapper API. The purpose of this API is to provide a generic submit/status REST/JWT interface, to submit slurm jobs on a remote machine.

https://www.process-project.eu MIT schmidtja 14% Badge level for project 4005 is 14%
4006 autosys

System utilities for efficient Python development on macOS

https://skeptycal.github.io/autosys MIT Michael Treanor 15% Badge level for project 4006 is 15%
4007 openrqm-client-desktop-nwjs

OpenRQM Cross-Plattform Desktop Client using NW.js

https://github.com/openrqm/openrqm-client-desktop-nwjs benjaminSchilling33 14% Badge level for project 4007 is 14%
4008 CPython

The Python programming language

https://www.python.org Python Software Foundation License Christian Heimes 2020-06-11 07:06:54 169% Badge level for project 4008 is 169%
4009 Windows-10-Setup-Script

Script to setup Windows 10 1903/1909/2004

https://github.com/farag2/Windows-10-Setup-Script MIT Dmitry Nefedov 14% Badge level for project 4009 is 14%
4010 TestableHttpClient

A simple library to make testing with HttpClient and related classes easier

https://github.com/dnperfors/TestableHttpClient MIT David Perfors 98% Badge level for project 4010 is 98%
4012 druzhba

Druzhba is a friendly framework for building data pipelines. It efficiently copies data from your production/transactional databases to your data...

https://github.com/seatgeek/druzhba MIT Brian London 98% Badge level for project 4012 is 98%
4013 Meteor

Cryptomonnaie pour le monde Minecraftien

https://github.com/Minecraft-Meteor/Meteor OTHER Aeris One 59% Badge level for project 4013 is 59%
4014 hg-bot

A Microsoft Bot Framework bot to send reminders to and record temperature readings from staff.

MIT Luke Fritz 23% Badge level for project 4014 is 23%

🔗 Your Own URL Shortener

https://yourls.org MIT ྅༻ Ǭɀħ ༄༆ཉ 15% Badge level for project 4015 is 15%
4016 liquidctl

Cross-platform CLI and Python drivers for AIO liquid coolers and other devices

https://github.com/jonasmalacofilho/liquidctl GPL-3.0+ Jonas Malaco 79% Badge level for project 4016 is 79%
4017 hpctools

Debugging and Performance Tools examples using the ReFrame framework

https://eth-cscs.github.io/hpctools BSD-3-Clause jgp 18% Badge level for project 4017 is 18%
4018 MushOS https://github.com/MilesArtemius/MushOS MilTy 12% Badge level for project 4018 is 12%
4019 scipp

Multi-dimensional data arrays with labeled dimensions.

https://scipp.github.io GPL-3.0 Dan Nixon 94% Badge level for project 4019 is 94%

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