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5065 ALL-Arduino-Nano-33-BLE-Sense-Classifier

The ALL Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Classifier is an experiment to explore how low powered microcontrollers, specifically the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense, can be...

https://www.leukemiaairesearch.com/research/project/aml-all-ai-research-project/all-arduino-nano-33-ble-sense-classifier MIT Leukemia AI Research 87% Badge level for project 5065 is 87%
5066 krator

Kubernetes Rust State Machine Operator

https://github.com/krator-rs/krator Apache-2.0 Kevin Flansburg 2021-07-17 22:24:47 109% Badge level for project 5066 is 109%
5067 blog

Peter shen's blog

https://shenxianpeng.github.io GPL-3.0 shenxianpeng 2021-12-03 06:04:11 104% Badge level for project 5067 is 104%
5068 ALL Jetson Nano Classifier

An Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia classifier developed for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. Jetson AI Certification project by Adam Milton-Barker..

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/ALL-Jetson-Nano-Classifier MIT Leukemia AI Research 88% Badge level for project 5068 is 88%
5069 openzeppelin-contracts

ZeeCoinZCN Contracts is a library for secure smart contract development. Framework design by @OpenZeppelin

https://zeexchange.org.za MIT Taariq Matthysen 18% Badge level for project 5069 is 18%
5070 solidity-template

Combines Hardhat, TypeChain, Ethers, Waffle, Solhint and Solcover

https://github.com/mattytaariq/solidity-template MIT Taariq Matthysen 31% Badge level for project 5070 is 31%
5071 ALL-Tensorflow-Segmentation-2021

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia classification using segmentation and the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Image Database for Image Processing dataset. Programmed...

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/ALL-Tensorflow-Segmentation-2021 MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5071 is 15%
5072 kubedl

Run your deep learning workloads on Kubernetes more easily and efficiently.

https://kubedl.io Apache-2.0 Jian He 2021-07-21 22:51:44 107% Badge level for project 5072 is 107%
5073 AML-ALL-Drug-Discovery

Open-source drug discovery for Acute Myeloid & Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/AML-ALL-Drug-Discovery MIT Leukemia AI Research 16% Badge level for project 5073 is 16%
5074 IAM

Identity and Access Management System

https://gitlab.com/dadangnh/iam LGPL-3.0-or-later Dadang NH 2021-09-20 09:08:27 300% Badge level for project 5074 is 300%
5075 rauc

safe and secure software updates for embedded Linux

https://rauc.io LGPL-2.1 Jan Lübbe 87% Badge level for project 5075 is 87%
5076 bucket

Bucket is a cloud application that supports design researchers and practitioners to collect and explore behavioural data with active participation from all...

https://dwd.tudelft.nl/bucket MIT Jacky Bourgeois 27% Badge level for project 5076 is 27%
5077 secp256k1

Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1

https://github.com/melG81/secp256k1 MIT melG81 16% Badge level for project 5077 is 16%
5078 ODL

ODL means Ordre De Lecture in french, reading order in english. This is a CMS to create a website for comics reading orders (or books).

https://gitlab.com/adynemo/odl GPL-2.0 Ady 51% Badge level for project 5078 is 51%
5079 Lynx-Userbot

Telegram Userbot

https://t.me/LynxUserbot Raphielscape Public License v1.d Axel 16% Badge level for project 5079 is 16%
5080 TonY

TonY is a framework to natively run deep learning frameworks on Apache Hadoop.

https://github.com/linkedin/TonY BSD-2-Clause Keqiu Hu 2021-07-26 21:55:54 105% Badge level for project 5080 is 105%
5081 Kubitus Installer

Configuration management (Ansible) of Kubernetes clusters and shared in-cluster infrastructure applications.


https://gitlab.com/kubitus-project/kubitus-installer Apache-2.0 Mathieu Parent 2022-01-20 08:13:43 107% Badge level for project 5081 is 107%
5082 hail

Cross-platform script management CLI written in go.

https://github.com/frzam/hail Apache-2.0 Farzam Alam 72% Badge level for project 5082 is 72%
5083 RichShops


https://github.com/OhArthits/RichShops CC0-1.0 Rich Tattoo Studio 13% Badge level for project 5083 is 13%
5084 anax

Horizon agent control system

https://github.com/open-horizon/anax Apache-2.0 Joe Pearson 42% Badge level for project 5084 is 42%
5085 go-onfleet

Go client for accessing Onfleet API

https://github.com/keplr-team/go-onfleet MIT FD 16% Badge level for project 5085 is 16%
5086 HIAS-ESP32-Ultrasonic-Sensor

A HIAS BLE server hosted on an ESP32 that provides readings from an utrasonic sensor.

https://github.com/AIIAL/HIAS-ESP32-Ultrasonic-Sensor MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5086 is 15%
5087 kollect

Monitor your Kubernetes clusters via your favourite event bus

https://github.com/davidsbond/kollect Apache-2.0 David Bond 52% Badge level for project 5087 is 52%
5088 HIAS-ESP32-PIR-Sensor

A HIAS BLE server hosted on an ESP32 that provides readings from an PIR sensor.

https://github.com/AIIAL/HIAS-ESP32-PIR-Sensor MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5088 is 15%
5089 RsyncOSX

A macOS GUI for rsync

https://rsyncosx.netlify.app MIT Thomas Evensen 21% Badge level for project 5089 is 21%
5090 adversarial-robustness-toolbox

Adversarial Robustness Toolbox (ART) - Python Library for Machine Learning Security - Evasion, Poisoning, Extraction, Inference - Red and Blue Teams

https://github.com/Trusted-AI/adversarial-robustness-toolbox MIT Beat Buesser 2021-08-02 21:48:16 300% Badge level for project 5090 is 300%
5091 ALL-Pytorch-2021

An Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia classifier developed using the Pytorch framework.

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/ALL-Pytorch-2021 MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5091 is 15%
5094 ALL-xDNN-Classifier

An implementation of an xDNN (eXplainable Deep Learning) classifier for detecting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by Nitin Mane.

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/ALL-xDNN-Classifier MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5094 is 15%
5095 shopify-trello-bridge

Receive verified Shopify order creation webhooks and make Trello cards out of them.

https://github.com/hectcastro/shopify-trello-bridge Apache-2.0 Hector Castro 87% Badge level for project 5095 is 87%
5096 ALL-MXNet-Classifier

An Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia classifier programmed using the MXNet framework. Project by Dmitry Muzalevskiy

https://github.com/AMLResearchProject/ALL-MXNet-Classifier MIT Leukemia AI Research 15% Badge level for project 5096 is 15%

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