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4968 pills_counter

ML at the edge for pills counting using ESP32.

https://github.com/Vladislavo/pills_counter Vladislav Rykov 10% Badge level for project 4968 is 10%
4969 fhir-server-exporter

FHIR Server resource count exporter for Prometheus.

https://github.com/chgl/fhir-server-exporter Apache-2.0 chgl 15% Badge level for project 4969 is 15%
4970 movie-db https://github.com/romangitlab/movie-db romangitlab 13% Badge level for project 4970 is 13%
4971 violent_python

Example programs from TJ O'Connor's Violent Python (Syngress)

https://github.com/axi0m/violent_python MIT axi0m 16% Badge level for project 4971 is 16%
4972 kubernetes

Production-Grade Container Scheduling and Management

https://kubernetes.io Apache-2.0 Harish Yayi 19% Badge level for project 4972 is 19%
4973 NGSI Go

The NGSI Go is a command-line interface supporting FIWARE Open APIs for FIWARE developers.

https://ngsi-go.letsfiware.jp MIT Kazuhito Suda 97% Badge level for project 4973 is 97%
4975 ds-wizard

Data Stewards capture and combine their knowledge and expertise with respect to the specific needs of a domain or an organisation. Researchers are truly...

https://ds-wizard.org Apache-2.0 Marek Suchánek 55% Badge level for project 4975 is 55%
4976 Fruit-Fly-Optimization-Algorithm

Performance Evaluation of Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm on Classical Test Problem Set

https://github.com/atulkamble/Fruit-Fly-Optimization-Algorithm MIT Atul Kamble 15% Badge level for project 4976 is 15%
4977 WrikeIntegration

Connexion entre Wrike et Zabbix

https://github.com/Nirdeo/WrikeIntegration MIT Victor De Domenico 15% Badge level for project 4977 is 15%

The official FIWARE Python NGSI V2 Context Broker. Developed by Asociación de Investigacion en Inteligencia Artificial Para la Leucemia Peter Moss.

https://github.com/AIIAL/FIWARE-HIASCDI MIT AdamMiltonBarker 15% Badge level for project 4978 is 15%
4979 kratos

Next-gen identity server (think Auth0, Okta, Firebase) with Ory-hardened authentication, MFA, FIDO2, profile management, identity schemas, social sign in,...

https://www.ory.sh/kratos Apache-2.0 Vincent 2021-06-18 12:23:48 105% Badge level for project 4979 is 105%

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