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5306 AliOS-Things

AliOS Things latest version: https://github.com/alibaba/AliOS-Things/tree/rel_3.3.0 Please go to https://aliosthings.iot.aliyun.com to get your minimal code.

https://www.alios.cn felixliusz 10% Badge level for project 5306 is 10%
5307 obelix

Web app to manage boat reservations for rowing / sailing clubs, ...

https://obelix.ju60.de Lukas 10% Badge level for project 5307 is 10%
5308 ClickHouse

ClickHouse® is a free analytics DBMS for big data

https://clickhouse.com Apache-2.0 Ivan Blinkov 2021-10-11 17:57:03 175% Badge level for project 5308 is 175%
5309 woodpecker

A fork of the Drone CI system version 0.8, right before the 1.0 release and license changes

https://woodpecker-ci.github.io Apache-2.0 Anbraten 25% Badge level for project 5309 is 25%
5310 loan-api https://github.com/progmise/loan-api progmise 13% Badge level for project 5310 is 13%
5311 capacity4more

A Drupal 7 powered distribution providing a community platform to share knowledge.

https://github.com/Messtone/capacity4more Messtone 10% Badge level for project 5311 is 10%
5312 RefRed

Liquids Reflectometer Data Reduction from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

https://github.com/neutrons/RefRed GPL-3.0 hetrickjm 15% Badge level for project 5312 is 15%
5313 checkup

A health checkup for your project.

https://checkupjs.github.io MIT Steve Calvert 25% Badge level for project 5313 is 25%
5314 golang-template

This template is the one which should be used for microservices written in golang.

https://github.com/hywmongous/golang-template Apache-2.0 Andreas K. Brandhøj 18% Badge level for project 5314 is 18%
5315 Shipwright Build

Shipwright - a framework for building container images on Kubernetes

https://shipwright.io Apache-2.0 Adam Kaplan 93% Badge level for project 5315 is 93%
5316 Routinator

An RPKI Validator written in Rust

https://nlnetlabs.nl/projects/rpki/routinator BSD-3-Clause Alex Band 63% Badge level for project 5316 is 63%
5317 kubectl-status

A kubectl plugin to print a human-friendly output that focuses on the status fields of the resources in kubernetes.

https://github.com/bergerx/kubectl-status Apache-2.0 Bekir Dogan 18% Badge level for project 5317 is 18%
5318 PowerShell-Public

Publicly Shared PowerShell Repo of helpful scripts, cmdlets, modules, and other snippets and instructions.

https://github.com/jakermey/PowerShell-Public GPL-3.0 Jake Meyers 15% Badge level for project 5318 is 15%
5319 SuperModule

The Sample PowerShell Module developed by the GTT SuperPod CE Community. [Prefix "-JL"]

https://github.com/microsoft/SuperPod/projects/1 Jake Meyers 3% Badge level for project 5319 is 3%
5320 it-automation

Exastro IT Automation

https://github.com/wreathvine/it-automation Apache-2.0 wreathvine 16% Badge level for project 5320 is 16%
5321 GCC

The GNU Compiler Collection

https://gcc.gnu.org GPL-3.0-or-later David Edelsohn 2021-10-14 17:58:09 105% Badge level for project 5321 is 105%
5322 azure-service-operator

Azure Service Operator allows you to create Azure resources using kubectl

MIT George Pollard 19% Badge level for project 5322 is 19%
5323 docker-osgi-starterkit https://github.com/klibio/docker-osgi-starterkit EPL-2.0 Peter Kirschner 13% Badge level for project 5323 is 13%
5324 FIWARE_EPCIS_Mediation_Gateway

Oliot-MG is a mediation gateway which translates information from NGSI based IoT platform to EPCIS based IoT platform. This enables capturing state change in...

https://github.com/yalewkidane/FIWARE_EPCIS_Mediation_Gateway Apache-2.0 Yalew K. Tolcha 25% Badge level for project 5324 is 25%
5325 cosign

Container Signing

https://github.com/erkanzileli/cosign OTHER Erkan Zileli 19% Badge level for project 5325 is 19%

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