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5473 workshop-appflow-athena-quicksight

AWS Programming and Tools meetup workshop

https://github.com/abduljaleel/workshop-appflow-athena-quicksight Abdul Jaleel Kavungal 10% Badge level for project 5473 is 10%
5475 Advanced-Portals

An advanced portals plugin for bukkit

https://advancedportals.sekwah.com LGPL-3.0 Sekwah 45% Badge level for project 5475 is 45%
5476 spq

Simple Promise Queue

https://github.com/sekwah41/spq MIT Sekwah 34% Badge level for project 5476 is 34%
5477 my-backstage

scaffolded backstage app

https://github.com/kiranpatel11/my-backstage Kiran 10% Badge level for project 5477 is 10%
5478 Sanmill

Sanmill is an open-source, UCI-like Mill/Morris/Merrills/Mühle/Malom (and its variants) program with CUI, Flutter GUI and Qt GUI, sharing and freely...

https://github.com/calcitem/Sanmill GPL-3.0-only Calcitem 72% Badge level for project 5478 is 72%

Disaster auto recovery data base management system.

https://github.com/KOSASIH/RECOVTECH MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 02:22:43 300% Badge level for project 5479 is 300%
5480 Crypto-Revolutiona

Marketplace for new innovations in blockchain technology and Crypto currency, NFT, API's and mining technology.

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Crypto-Revolutiona MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 02:36:21 300% Badge level for project 5480 is 300%
5482 Lineax

Digytal asset management tools

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Lineax MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 05:37:10 300% Badge level for project 5482 is 300%

Disaster Recovery dabase management system

https://github.com/KOSASIH/REMACS MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 06:01:57 300% Badge level for project 5483 is 300%
5484 Betto

NFT marketplace that serves transactions with cryptocurrencies

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Betto MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 06:36:40 300% Badge level for project 5484 is 300%
5485 Tonbox

Miner new innovations technology API's Marketplace

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Tonbox MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 07:05:31 300% Badge level for project 5485 is 300%
5486 Minertech

Mostly a graphical frontend for mining Cryptocurrency by providing a handy way to perform cryptocurrency mining using a graphical interface.

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Minertech MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-23 07:33:19 300% Badge level for project 5486 is 300%
5487 nixie-clock

6-digit nixie-clock using ESP32, IN-4 and IN-6

https://github.com/konradmoesch/nixie-clock Konrad Mösch 10% Badge level for project 5487 is 10%
5488 Tp2_J2ee https://github.com/T-jegou/Tp2_J2ee Thomas Jegou 13% Badge level for project 5488 is 13%
5489 Ez3k1el13

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/Ez3k1el13 Ez3k1el13 10% Badge level for project 5489 is 10%
5490 theOneSon https://github.com/EastyWeasty/theOneSon EastyWeasty 10% Badge level for project 5490 is 10%
5491 Clymene

the Clymene is a time-series data collection platform for distributed systems.

https://github.com/Clymene-project/Clymene Apache-2.0 Allen Kim 85% Badge level for project 5491 is 85%
5492 fcmb-api-client-php

First City Monument Bank API Client for PHP

https://fcmb.com MPL-2.0 Ivan Stasiuk 16% Badge level for project 5492 is 16%
5493 LaraPersonate

Login as a different user quickly

https://github.com/OctopyID/LaraPersonate MIT Supian M 16% Badge level for project 5493 is 16%
5494 Ritta

Ritta is a modular school and learning management system for schools. Ritta aims to bring 3rd party systems into one simple user interface, so more time is...

https://github.com/rittaschool/ritta-server GPL-3.0-or-later Roni Äikäs 87% Badge level for project 5494 is 87%
5495 Metazone

NFT Marketplace which provides transactions with cryptocurrencies

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Metazone MIT KOSASIH 2021-12-31 08:48:15 300% Badge level for project 5495 is 300%
5496 qbittorrent-api

Python client implementation for qBittorrent's Web API

https://github.com/rmartin16/qbittorrent-api MIT Russell Martin 18% Badge level for project 5496 is 18%
5497 manjaro-iso-action

Install prerequisites for building Manjaro on ubuntu

https://github.com/manjaro/manjaro-iso-action Philip Müller 10% Badge level for project 5497 is 10%
5498 Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar - distributed pub-sub messaging system

http://pulsar.apache.org Apache-2.0 Dianjin Wang 24% Badge level for project 5498 is 24%
5499 ubiquitous.system https://github.com/Entity-Enterprise/ubiquitous.system Sizwe 10% Badge level for project 5499 is 10%
5500 Swiss Wowbagger Android App

Android app for Nidi's Swiss Wowbagger

https://github.com/notizklotz/swiss-wowbagger-app Apache-2.0 Adrian Gygax 19% Badge level for project 5500 is 19%
5501 CodeRunnerBot

Smart Discord Bot that runs almost any code of any supported language. Powered by Go and engineer-man/piston. Runs on Docker and code execution network could...

https://github.com/Nathan13888/CodeRunnerBot GPL-3.0 Nathan13888 19% Badge level for project 5501 is 19%
5502 Imanmahmoodi

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/Imanmahmoodi Imanmahmoodi 10% Badge level for project 5502 is 10%
5503 shenanigans

Semi-random PhD funky stuff (mainly astrophysics - Solar Dynamics Observatory image processing, image registration, feature matching, also non-convex...

https://github.com/zdenyhraz/shenanigans zdenyhraz 13% Badge level for project 5503 is 13%
5504 Data Workflow Manager

SNS data workflow manager and reporting app

https://github.com/neutrons/data_workflow walshmm 46% Badge level for project 5504 is 46%

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