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5614 sfpowerscripts

A build system for modular development in Salesforce, delivered as a sfdx plugin that can be implemented in any CI/CD system of choice

https://dxatscale.io MIT Azlam 93% Badge level for project 5614 is 93%
5615 gradle-gitlab-repositories

Handling Maven GitLab dependencies made easy. Define multiple tokens and selectively apply them to repositories, remove the need for repeating Credential...

https://github.com/aepfli/gradle-gitlab-repositories OTHER Simon Schrottner 13% Badge level for project 5615 is 13%
5616 omp-education

Official repository for the Mainframe Open Education project

https://www.openmainframeproject.org/projects/mainframeopeneducation CC-BY-4.0 Yvette LaMar 2022-02-18 17:55:32 107% Badge level for project 5616 is 107%
5617 portfolio

My portfolio with React and Typescript

https://roottool.netlify.app MIT roottool 15% Badge level for project 5617 is 15%
5618 dotfiles

This dotfiles repository is intended to be used for Linux distributions under WSL2.

https://github.com/roottool/dotfiles#readme UNLICENSE roottool 16% Badge level for project 5618 is 16%
5619 srs

SRS is a simple, high efficiency and realtime video server, supports RTMP, WebRTC, HLS, HTTP-FLV and SRT.

https://ossrs.io OTHER DevinGeng 19% Badge level for project 5619 is 19%
5620 python-crazyhusk

Dependency-free Python object wrappers for working with Unreal Engine

https://github.com/nhaines-pro/python-crazyhusk MIT Nick Haines 75% Badge level for project 5620 is 75%
5621 scorecard

Security Scorecards - Security health metrics for Open Source

https://github.com/ossf/scorecard Apache-2.0 Stephen Augustus (he/him) 64% Badge level for project 5621 is 64%
5622 eve-graphql-go

Eve GraphQL Server in Go

https://github.com/cryanbrow/eve-graphql-go MIT Bryan Crow 15% Badge level for project 5622 is 15%

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/FAISALZELLO FAISALZELLO 10% Badge level for project 5623 is 10%
5624 action https://github.com/niulechuan/action CPL-1.0 niulechuan 31% Badge level for project 5624 is 31%
5625 verify-sdk-ios

This repository is for active development of the IBM Security Verify SDK for iOS.

https://github.com/ibm-security-verify/verify-sdk-ios MIT craigaps 2022-02-15 02:48:24 107% Badge level for project 5625 is 107%
5626 visualFields

VisualFields is collection of tools for analyzing the field of vision. It provides a framework for development and use of innovative methods for...

https://www.optocom.es/opi GPL-3.0 Iván Marín-Franch 30% Badge level for project 5626 is 30%
5627 sogno-platform

SOGNO aims at facilitating the transition to a modular microservices based control center software solution for power system operators.

https://sogno.energy Apache-2.0 MPL-2.0 GPL-3.0 CC-BY-4.0 Markus Mirz 52% Badge level for project 5627 is 52%
5628 Solutions

Tak berlawanan Arah dan Mengarahkan pada arahan yang tepat dengan Tehnik Adoption

https://github.com/Digitaltransform/Solutions Andy HARPIANTO 10% Badge level for project 5628 is 10%
5629 go-twitter https://github.com/JamesHsu333/go-twitter James Hsu 13% Badge level for project 5629 is 13%
5630 S3Insights

S3Insights is a platform for efficiently deriving security insights about S3 data through metadata analysis

https://github.com/kurmiashish/S3Insights Apache-2.0 kurmiashish 16% Badge level for project 5630 is 16%
5631 flutter

Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful apps for mobile and beyond

https://flutter.dev BSD-3-Clause Godofredo Contreras 57% Badge level for project 5631 is 57%
5632 cookiecutter-ansible-role https://github.com/JonasPammer/cookiecutter-ansible-role MIT Jonas Pammer 15% Badge level for project 5632 is 15%
5633 Cybot

Cyber Security and Fraud Detector Technology Innovations

https://github.com/KOSASIH/Cybot MIT KOSASIH 15% Badge level for project 5633 is 15%
5634 jisly

PHP lightweight NoSQL database library, flat file JSON.

https://github.com/r0mdau/jisly Apache-2.0 Romain Dauby 16% Badge level for project 5634 is 16%
5635 PiEar-Server https://github.com/AlexOConnorHub/PiEar-Server MIT AlexOConnorHub 18% Badge level for project 5635 is 18%
5636 opiPhoneVR

OPI to perform visual field perimetry testing on an Android phone with VR headsets compatible with cardboard. This driver is part of the Open Perimetry...

https://www.optocom.es/opi GPL-3.0 Iván Marín-Franch 15% Badge level for project 5636 is 15%
5637 k8stcpmap-controller

Nginx tcp mapping port election controller

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8stcpmap-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5637 is 19%
5638 configs

A monorepo with possible shared, reusable configurations for used tools, such as formatters, linters, etc.

https://github.com/terminal-nerds/configs MIT Matt Kadlubowski 15% Badge level for project 5638 is 15%
5640 UAC (Unix-like Artifacts Collector)

UAC is a Live Response collection script for Incident Response that makes use of native binaries and tools to automate the collection of AIX, Android, ESXi,...

https://github.com/tclahr/uac Apache-2.0 Thiago Canozzo Lahr 2022-04-05 12:09:49 107% Badge level for project 5640 is 107%
5641 k8skeycloak-controller

Keycloak realm k8s controller

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8skeycloak-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5641 is 19%
5642 spot

Try the demo

https://nlesc-spot.netlify.com Apache-2.0 Faruk D. 15% Badge level for project 5642 is 15%
5643 k8sdb-controller

Kubernetes Controller for managing databases and users

https://github.com/DoodleScheduling/k8sdb-controller Apache-2.0 raffis 19% Badge level for project 5643 is 19%
5644 bsp-geth

Ethereum client written in Go, modified for full-hierarchy data exports and block specimen production

https://github.com/covalenthq/bsp-geth OTHER Pranay Valson 18% Badge level for project 5644 is 18%

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