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5407 cdk8s-core

Define Kubernetes native apps and abstractions using object-oriented programming

https://github.com/cdk8s-team/cdk8s-core Apache-2.0 Elad Ben-Israel 16% Badge level for project 5407 is 16%
5408 speedtest

Command line client for speedtest.net written in Go

https://github.com/zpeters/speedtest OTHER Zach Peters 16% Badge level for project 5408 is 16%
5409 beagle-flutter

Beagle is an open source framework that helps developers implement Server-Driven UI in a cross-platform way.

By using Beagle, developers can:


https://github.com/ZupIT/beagle-flutter Apache-2.0 Beagle 88% Badge level for project 5409 is 88%
5410 Toey9177

Config files for my GitHub profile.

https://github.com/Toey9177 Kraisit Boonyaso 10% Badge level for project 5410 is 10%

Command line interface for the FAIR Data Pipeline

https://github.com/FAIRDataPipeline/FAIR-CLI BSD-2-Clause Kristian Zarębski 18% Badge level for project 5411 is 18%
5412 Khaos

Cross-platform library.

https://flagarde.github.io/Khaos MIT flagarde 43% Badge level for project 5412 is 43%
5413 kube-rs

Rust Kubernetes client and controller runtime

https://github.com/kube-rs Apache-2.0 Eirik A 2021-12-08 09:28:52 187% Badge level for project 5413 is 187%
5414 Enarx

Enarx is the leading open source framework for running applications in TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments). It's part of the Confidential Computing...

https://enarx.dev Apache-2.0 Nick Vidal 2021-12-03 10:57:46 105% Badge level for project 5414 is 105%
5415 domain-driven-design-snackmachine

SnackMachine sample for Domain-Driven Design

https://github.com/burcakbas/domain-driven-design-snackmachine Burç AKBAŞ 10% Badge level for project 5415 is 10%
5416 TimeDelay

TimeDelay like TON, TOF and Variations.

https://github.com/Meisterschulen-am-Ostbahnhof-Munchen/TimeDelay Apache-2.0 franz-ms-muc 15% Badge level for project 5416 is 15%
5417 fggl https://git.fossgalaxy.com/gamedev/fggl Joseph Walton-Rivers 24% Badge level for project 5417 is 24%
5418 lal

🔥 Golang audio/video live streaming library/client/server. support RTMP, RTSP(RTP/RTCP), HLS, HTTP[S]/WebSocket[s]-FLV/TS, H264/H265/AAC, relay, cluster,...

https://pengrl.com/lal MIT yoko 19% Badge level for project 5418 is 19%
5419 gitleaks

Scan git repos (or files) for secrets using regex and entropy 🔑

https://github.com/AmitHofree/gitleaks MIT AmitHofree 18% Badge level for project 5419 is 18%
5420 goreleaser

Deliver Go binaries as fast and easily as possible

https://github.com/goreleaser/goreleaser MIT Carlos Alexandro Becker 15% Badge level for project 5420 is 15%
5421 serving

Kubernetes-based, scale-to-zero, request-driven compute

https://knative.dev/docs/serving Apache-2.0 Evan Anderson 24% Badge level for project 5421 is 24%
5422 mqtt

A Mqtt Consumer for Gollum

https://github.com/sks/mqtt Sabith Karippullil Soopy 10% Badge level for project 5422 is 10%
5423 mutant

Mutant is an open-source, garbage-collected programming language that tries to enable security by default.

https://mudocs.netlify.app MIT Gaurav Gogia 15% Badge level for project 5423 is 15%
5424 cluster-api-provider-bringyourownhost https://github.com/pshail/cluster-api-provider-bringyourownhost Apache-2.0 Shailesh Pant 19% Badge level for project 5424 is 19%
5425 zot

zot - A vendor-neutral OCI image registry server purely based on OCI Distribution Specification.

https://github.com/project-zot/zot Apache-2.0 Ramkumar Chinchani 18% Badge level for project 5425 is 18%
5426 helmwave

🌊 Helmwave is like docker-compose for @helm

https://helmwave.github.io MIT Dmitriy Zhilyaev 2021-12-15 21:37:16 111% Badge level for project 5426 is 111%
5459 quantum-blockchain-ai

Jamstack site created with Stackbit

https://jamstack.new OTHER Q1 Blue 13% Badge level for project 5459 is 13%
5460 trousseau

Store and Access your Secrets the Kubernetes native way with any external KMS.

https://trousseau.io Apache-2.0 Rom;) 2021-12-13 07:16:24 113% Badge level for project 5460 is 113%
5461 pyDataPipeline

Python Implementation of the FAIR Data Pipeline API

https://www.fairdatapipeline.org/pyDataPipeline GPL-3.0 Dennis Reddyhoff 16% Badge level for project 5461 is 16%
5462 wasmcloud https://wasmcloud.com Liam Randall 3% Badge level for project 5462 is 3%
5463 Acrobot-control-code https://github.com/Gonzalo-Mier/Acrobot-control-code MIT Gonzalo Mier 15% Badge level for project 5463 is 15%
5464 toolarium-enum-configuration

Defines the toolarium enumeration configuration.

https://github.com/toolarium/toolarium-enum-configuration GPL-3.0 Patrick 16% Badge level for project 5464 is 16%
5465 openelb

OpenELB is an open-source load balancer implementation designed for exposing the LoadBalancer type of Kubernetes services in bare metal, edge, and...

https://openelb.github.io Apache-2.0 Lan 72% Badge level for project 5465 is 72%
5466 prototube-go

Prototube is a minimal library that enables applications to emit typed messages to a Kafka topic. Users define the schemas of the messages with the Protobuf...

https://github.com/tiantiandas/prototube-go Apache-2.0 maimei 15% Badge level for project 5466 is 15%
5467 starsky

Accelerator to find and organize images driven by meta information. Browse and search images in your own cloud.

https://qdraw.github.io/starsky MIT Dion van Velde 16% Badge level for project 5467 is 16%
5468 ansible-datapower

The Ansible DataPower collection includes a variety of modules to automate the management of IBM DataPower Appliances.

https://github.com/Br35Ba56/ansible-datapower GPL-3.0 Tony Schneider 16% Badge level for project 5468 is 16%

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